Growing, monetizing and scaling your business is easier than you think when you take clear, decisive and strategic action.

As a Business Strategist I teach coaches and service based business business owners the marketing, sales and speaking strategies they need to scale their business to multiple 6 figures and beyond.

Everything I teach comes from some very basic beliefs about how to succeed in business. 

  • If you want to grow a thriving business, you need to lead with your head AND your heart.
  • If you want to shortcut the path to success, you’ve got to learn how to become strategic about ALL of your decisions.
  • If you want to stand out from your competition, you’ve got to embrace speaking.
  • If you want to make a bigger difference and start a movement, you’ve got to be committed to providing transformational work.
  • If you want to make more money, you’ve got to focus on consistent lead generation and revenue generation.

These specific beliefs and the actions they led to helped me grow, monetize and scale my business to multiple six figures quickly.

Using my strategies, clients are multiplying their revenue and experiencing rapid growth.

Finally putting an end to their confusion once and for all.

Are you ready to skyrocket your revenue?

There are several ways we can work together. 

Discover how I can help you grow, monetize and scale your business through my programs listed below.

What makes me and my coaching different? I’ve blended my super powers in sales, speaking, strategic thinking and community building to develop programs that will help you in all areas of your business growth.

Check out the programs I’ve created to help you grow, monetize and scale your business.

CLIENT CONVERTING TALKS: Speak Your Way to More Leads, Clients and Sales.

Want a signature talk that helps you attract more clients, fill your events and generate more sales?

In Client Converting Talks you’ll discover how to design and deliver a signature talk that converts.

  • Simplify how to generate more leads by sharing your message – and easily attract your most ideal clients.
  • Stand out as an expert – by sharing your story and transformative process.
  • Generate consistent revenue month after month – through a signature talk that feeds your sales funnel.

Finally design and deliver a signature talk that has your audience wanting more and discover how to secure speaking gigs with ease.

Want to a signature talk that helps you attract more clients and generate more sales?


“I’m selling to over 40% of the room”

Before working with Jeannie I was not marketing my speaking well and when I did present, I would connect to the groups but not sell well. Since working with Jeannie, I am excited and motivated to promote my speaking. I am a far more effective presenter and am selling to over 40% of the room. The connection is deeper and stronger. Clients are self-selecting and I am selling to ideal clients.”

Denise Allan, Certified Professional Organizer at Simplify Experts


The Expanders Track: The coaching and mastermind community designed to help you grow and monetize your business. There are two levels to the program for emerging coaches and service-based business owners striving to create their first 6-figure year and advancing business owners wanting to multiply their 6-figure business and create a leveraged business model.

As part of a mastermind group you will receive all the marketing, sales and business development trainings you need to grow your business to 6-figures and beyond. Not only will you receive coaching, weekly group coaching and live intensives, you’ll be part of a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Here’s what you’ll gain mastery over in The Scale to Six Mastermind: (The Expanders Track)
  • Clarity on your business model and revenue streams
  • Clarity on your marketing strategy
  • Training in how to sell through sales conversations
  • How to design a signature talk and webinar that helps you attract clients
  • How to create 1-day workshops and events that generate leads and clients
  • How to generate revenue consistently
  • How to develop a success mindset

The MultipliersTrack: where you’ll join other advancing and established business owners nearing or above 6-figures who want to cross 6-figures and multiply their income so they can learn how to create a bigger impact, more leverage with their time and more revenue.

Here’s what you’ll gain mastery over in The Scale to Multiple Six Mastermind (The Multipliers Track)
  • Your leveraged business model (and how to make multiple 6-figures)
  • Must have systems to help you streamline and scale your business
  • Advanced marketing strategies to help you grow your reach

And so much more.

To find out which of these 12-month programs is right for you. Schedule a complimentary Strategic Activation Session with Jeannie today.

Private Mentorship Programs

I also offer the following Private Coaching Programs:

  • Signature Talk Design In this private program we’ll work together design your persuasive and impactful signature talk.
  • Workshop + Event Coaching In this program we’ll work together to create a strategy to plan, fill and monetize your transformational workshop or multi-day event.
  • Multiply Your Money + Model In this program privately to develop your 6 or multiple 6-figure profit plan. (Only for business owners generating at least $2,000 consistently per month).

If you’d like to learn more about how I can support you or determine which program is best for you, please fill out this form.

Are we a good fit?

I work with coaches and service-based entrepreneurs who want to grow, monetize and scale their passion-driven business to 6 and multiple 6-figures.

Emerging entrepreneurs who are past the start up stage, but have yet to figure out how to fully monetize their business. Individuals who’ve tried other strategies that haven’t worked. Maybe they’ve been in big coaching programs or are constantly attracted to and confused by bright shiny objects and don’t know the clear path to profitability.

Advancing entrepreneurs who are past the stage of trying to find clients and make money consistently – now they need strategies to multiply their revenue and reach.

Entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger difference in the world, are passionate about what they do and need to get their message out in a bigger way.

Entrepreneurs who can see themselves possibly hosting workshops and events or want to start sharing their message on small, medium or even large stages.

I work with emerging and advancing coaches and service based business owners who have niche clarity and want to learn how to create a profitable business they absolutely love.

If you feel this is you and you want to discuss enrolling in The Scale to Six Mastermind or one of my private mentorship programs, fill out this form and we’ll schedule time to speak.