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Business Coaching with Jeannie Spiro to accelerate your revenue growth

Are you ready to build a profitable coaching or service-based business without complicated sales funnels, stressful launches or the constant marketing hustle?

Hi, I’m Jeannie Spiro and if growing, monetizing and scaling your business has become far too complicated, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to create a streamlined system to sell and scale your coaching programs and services for consistent revenue all year long.

I work with women coaches and service-providers in three different programs.

Sage Polaris

Expect your revenue to rise, your offers to fly off the shelf, and your life to never be the same again.

It went on to be my biggest launch of the year at $217k and I broke the multiple six-figure mark for the first time. Jeannie pours so much dedication and love into every single person who works with her. If you are lucky enough to have her support you, your entire business will transform. Expect your revenue to rise, your offers to fly off the shelf, and your life to never be the same again.

- Sage Polaris, Conscious Launch Strategist

Sage Polaris
Kelly Schaefer

I did a $40K Event!

I wanted to have a live event, but I had no idea how to invite, charge or set up a 2-day event to be successful - for both them and me. My first event we had 9 people. Year 2 we had 23 and I enrolled 8 people into my year long mastermind. I was shocked and excited when we did the post event numbers - I got to say “I did a 40K event!”

- Kelly Schaefer, Creator of The Concierge Academy

Kelly Schaefer
Nicole Lewis-Keeber

I grew my business by 80% and landed my first 250 person speaking gig!

Creating a signature talk prompted me to apply for speaking opportunities that I would not have done previously. Because of this I applied for and was accepted to be 1 out of 11 speakers at a conference for 250 women entrepreneurs. I was chosen out of 100 applicants. I know with my talk is an opportunity to get new clients and be seen in a new way.

I now have a plan to get in front of my ideal clients, speaking in its many forms is that way. Webinars, speaking at networking groups, podcast interviews, conferences all provide me with an opportunity to have a sales conversation with many people at once so that my perfect clients seek me out. I have more confidence to have the individual conversations because I know that they have already pre-selected themselves.

- Nicole Lewis-Keeber, Therapist, Speaker, Money and Mindset Expert, and Creator of the "Love Your Business System

Nicole Lewis-Keeber
caryl mix

My business grew ten-fold!

When I enrolled I was looking to streamline my offers for my coaching business. I had been dreaming about offering a live event, but had never moved forward with it or knew how it would fit into my business. After working with Jeannie and using her process to fill my programs with events, my business grew ten-fold!

- Caryl Mix, Life Coach

caryl mix
donna ashton

I made $45,000 from my workshop

Not only the direct enrollments, but I have received such momentum in my business from the rave reviews! Guests said it was the best event they ever attended and can't wait for my next one. I am getting referrals, speaking opportunities and more each week and have become the "go to" person in this area in my niche.

If you want a profitable event that uplevels your business in a huge way - don't even think twice! She will give you 200%. Don't try this on your own, the results will be double and triple what you can do alone. And much more fun with her helping you every step of the way.

- Donna Ashton, Business Coach

donna ashton

8 people enrolled in my new group program!

I have a program with 8 people enrolled and a strategy for continuing to grow and market enrollment. I have much bigger goals than where we are currently (and I've never done this before!) but I feel like my goals are so achievable because I have a framework and strategy to work from that came from our time together.

- Nicole Morong, Certified Financial Planner

Heidi Normandin

30 new subscribers and 2 consultations after my second talk!

With Jeannie's help, I finally figured out how to speak to women and inspire them to sign up for my lead magnet and consultations. My first attempt at speaking was a good experience but failed to produce any interest. I studied her speaking resources and we spent a lot of time talking about how to improve my 2nd talk. And it worked! As a result of her guidance, I went from 0 signups on my first talk, to 30 new subscribers on my email list and 2 consultations after my second talk!

- Heidi Normandin, Health Freedom Coach

Heidi Normandin
Shannon Giordano

I've been able to shift toward consistent $10k months

I've completely redesigned my business. I still do some social media implementation but I've been able to shift away from that and toward doing the social media work that I love. I've been able to shift toward consistent $10k months (even if not every month). I've learned so much about I want to work, who I want to work with, how to say no to things I don't want to do and how to not give away everything I know for free.

- Shannon Giordano, Social Media Strategist

Shannon Giordano
Michelle Jacobik

I’ve been consistently having 5-figure months + I’m on track for multiple 6-figures

Since I started working with Jeannie, I have been able to take what was probably more of a hobby, in terms of revenue, and I am actually going to be having my first 5-figure month this month! If you’re considering working with Jeannie, take the leap and see where your business goes!

- Michelle Jacobik, Business Profitability Strategist + Consultant

Michelle Jacobik
Candice Hozza

I've had a consistent 35% increase in revenue since the beginning of my business.

I've served over 500 business owners -- internationally. I know how to make signature programs and my private programs are almost full.

- Candice Hozza, Spiritual Strategist and Business Intuitive

Candice Hozza
monetize the stage program

Monetize the Stage™:
The Signature Talk Lead Generation Coaching

This is for coaches and service providers who want to attract ideal clients through live and virtual stages with a dynamic signature talk.

Have you been invited to speak on a live or virtual stage and don’t have a signature talk? Already speaking but noticing that you’re only getting applause and not new leads for your coaching programs, offers or services? Want to speak more so you can develop this part of your marketing system?

This program is perfect for you no matter your stage of business and you want to get in front of your most ideal clients more often.


  • The Monetize the Stage™ Method and curriculum for designing your signature talk.
  • Templates, Worksheets and Resources to make designing your talk simple.
  • Resources to help you easily find places to speak
  • And so much more
revenue makers mastermind program

Revenue Makers Mastermind™:
The Money Multiplying & Business Scaling Program

This is for established and advancing women coaches, healers and service-providers who want to grow, monetize and scale a business that allows for more income, impact and ease.

This 12-month coaching program is for you if you're a woman coach or service provider who has been around the block and wants a focused and streamlined approach to growing, monetizing and scaling your business so you can achieve your revenue goals and move into your next phase of business growth with more ease and less complication.

Whether you're working toward monetizing your private programs and offers, expanding beyond your one-to-one work and wanting to serve more clients, Revenue Makers allows you to focus on working toward multiple 6 and 7-figures in a way that supports you best.

Now that you’ve beyond the early stage of business, it's time to focus on the things that are keeping you from your next phase of business and revenue growth.

If your mind races with any of these thoughts...

  • “What’s the best business model to help me make more money?”
  • “What should I include in my offer suite to help me make the money I want while serving the clients I’d most like to support?”
  • “Which sales strategies will help me achieve my revenue goals and allow me to sell my programs and offers so I can make $10K, $20K, $50K or more each month?”
  • "Why am I working so hard and not seeing the revenue I'd like to be making yet?"
  • “Should I invest in Ads? Start a podcast? Do more posting on social media? What's the best marketing strategy that will work for me?"  
  • "I know I'm the bottleneck in my business. How can I start shifting things and expanding my team so I can focus on what I need to in order to achieve my next level of business and revenue growth?"
  • And so much more…

Then let's explore if the Revenue Makers Mastermind is right for you.

No matter if you’re focusing on working toward breaking 6-figures or wondering how to scale to multiple 6 or 7-figures without burning out, that’s where this mastermind comes in.

Designed to provide the coaching and strategies you need for your revenue and business growth, this mastermind was also created so you can be in a connected, collaborative community of support while you're going through this next phase of business.

In my work helping clients to break 6-figures, scale to multiple 6-figures and expand to 7-figures, I've designed exactly what I wanted and knew was needed to support you as you work toward monetizing and scaling your coaching or service-based business too.

This 12-month coaching & mastermind community experience includes:

  • The Revenue Makers Mastermind(TM) Curriculum that includes: How to develop a business model that's most aligned with how you want to work and how much money you want to make. How to design and price your private, group and leveraged programs for impact, profit and results. How to create a marketing strategy that's aligned to your business model and offers and doesn't stress you out our burn you out in the process. How to create sales and launch systems in your business so you create more predictable and recurring revenue consistently month after month,
  • Group Strategy Calls for coaching and feedback
  • Copy and Messaging Feedback
  • In-Person Intensives
  • Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Revenue Makers Mastermind Member Portal
  • Access to my Templates, Guides and Resources

If you'd like strategy, coaching and a community to support you with the next phase of growth for your coaching or service-based business. Click below to learn more.

private strategy intensive program

Private Strategy Intensive with Jeannie:
The One-to-One Sales System Accelerator

For women coaches and service-providers who want to develop simple and streamlined sales systems that allow them to sell, fill and monetize their coaching programs, masterminds and offers.

In this 90-day private coaching program with Jeannie Spiro you will work with her directly to create your sales system to sell and fill your program or offer.

Here’s a Snapshot of What We’ll Do Together In 90-Days:

  • Create and or refine your program or offer so it's designed to sell
  • Create your online or in-person sales system to sell your program or offer.
  • Establish your aligned marketing plan.

And much more.

Download the Ultimate Speaking Lead Generation Starter Guide

Discover how to get your most ideal leads from speaking