Are you ready for the support you need to take your business to the next level?

If you’re like most passion driven coaches and service-based business owners you’ve got big goals and dreams that include serving more people, making more money and creating a life you love.

Whether you’re an emerging business owner who’s been growing your business for some time yet not attracting enough clients or making money consistently.

Or you’re an advancing business owner who has clients, is making some money but still can’t quite cross 6-figures.

Either way you’ve come to the right place because my focus is to guide, support and to empower business owners just like you with scaling your business to 6-figures and beyond.

In fact, I’m on a mission to help as many service-based business owners make multiple 6-figures year after year.

What I’ve discovered in my own journey to becoming a multiple 6-figure business owner is that there’s an order and rhythm to growing a service-based business.

At we teach you the order and rhythm to 6-figure growth and sustainability while helping you become the confident business owner you long to be.

If you happen to be a coach, consultant or service-based business owner who is in this situation and struggling to get clients and monetize your business then it’s likely there are a few areas of your business that need improvement.

And if you’re like most entrepreneurs in this situation you are passionate about what you do but struggle to come up with the right marketing approach to reach the people they most want to serve.

Let’s face it, there are plenty of things you need to be doing to run your business but if you’re not getting enough clients and aren’t making enough money, the first thing you MUST do is have a fix for that!

Let me ask you:

  • Are you where you want to be in your business?
  • Do you have all the clients you need?
  • Are you making the money you want and need?

How would you like to find a way to reach more of who you most want to serve?

What if it was finally possible to attract all the clients you need and have multiple revenue streams so you consistently made $5, 8 or 10K+ per month? 

What if I told you there was an easier way to get clients and that within 12 months you could have a 6-figure business?

The thing is, if you want to know how to get more clients, start making real money then the very thing you need to know how to do is to get your message out into the world and the fastest way I know how to do that is to use your voice and start speaking.

Without question, I can tell that the sooner you commit to sharing your message through speaking the sooner you will see a dramatic increase in the number of clients you get and of money you earn from working with them.

Let me tell you the fastest way to do it…

Hi there,  I’m Jeannie Spiro, and my mission is to help coaches, consultants, and service-based business owners create a lucrative lifestyle business, with more clients, revenue and flexibility than any job could ever provide.

After taking my failing business to 6-figures in 12 months (using speaking as my main marketing strategy), I’m convinced if you need clients, then you’re going to need to start speaking asap.

I also know that once you’ve started getting clients, you’re going to need a leveraged way to serve more people and make more money – and having done that for myself, I can teach you how to do that too.

After leaving my 20+ year career in corporate, working for Fortune 500 health insurance companies and brokerage firms– I decided to make my side-gig (this coaching business) and turn it into my full-time gig.

But 6 months after quitting I could barely keep it together. Not wanting to go back to work I discovered that speaking would be the fastest and easiest way to attract all the clients I needed.

So I developed my signature talk, started speaking and quickly started attracting clients through speaking.

Once I started filling my practice I put my coaching business into overdrive and consistently started hosting teleseminars, webinars, telesummits, and live events. I spoke everywhere I could on telesummits, podcasts and live workshops, conferences and events. And within 12 months I reached 6 figures.

And because it worked so well for me, I knew it would work for other coaches, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs too. So I started teaching my clients how to design their client converting signature talk and taught them how to create a business model that would allow them to attract all the clients they need and the revenue that comes with it. 

So if you’re done struggling and want an easier way to create a thriving lifestyle business, then I’d like to introduce you to:

The Scale to SixTM Mastermind

There are two programs in the Scale to SixTM Mastermind:

  • The Scale to Six Mastermind™
  • The Scale to Six Mastermind Elite™

These programs have been specifically designed to support you, the coach, healer or service-based business owner with attracting more clients and growing your business to 6-figures and beyond.

So whether you’re an emerging business owner, advancing or smore established, these programs are perfect for your business growth.

In my Scale to Six Mastermind Programs(TM) you’ll discover:

  • How to get clear on your ideal client
  • How do determine what to offer (and how to price, package and sell it)
  • How to design a marketing strategy that quickly and easily attracts clients through your signature talk, webinars and workshops
  • Which marketing activities to focus on and how to do them
  • How to master selling – from the stage, on your webinars, workshops sales conversations and more
  • How to design a lifestyle business (doing what you love)

More specifically, together we’ll work on how to…

  1. Refine your niche and clarify your marketing message so that you know who to work with and how to attract your most fabulous clients who will pay you what you’re worth
  2. Craft offers, services, and programs your clients won’t be able to resist and get you making money.
  3. Develop and monetize your services, products, programs and courses through your Signature System so you can add multiple streams of revenue and clearly see how you can reach your income goals quickly.
  4. Master online and social media marketing so you build relationships, your mailing list and convert leads into clients.
  5. Create a magnetic Signature Talk and presentation so you can speak online and offline to easily attract more leads, future clients and create more visibility and credibility
  6. Master selling your services so you can convert your leads and turn them into clients
  7. Learn how to use teleseminars and webinars to attract leads, get clients and sell your services.
  8. Learn how to get speaking gigs online (and offline) for clients, cash, and sales
  9. Even start hosting your own workshops and events…

Plus….the biggest benefit of all….I’ll show you how to have a profitable business you love that means you never have to return to work for someone else again!

Where Should You Start?

I have several coaching programs for you to choose from depending on where you are in your business right now!

  • The Scale to Six Mastermind™: As part of a mastermind group you will receive all the marketing, sales and business development trainings you need to grow your business to 6-figures and beyond. Not only will you receive coaching, weekly group coaching and live intensives, you’ll be part of a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • The Scale to Six Mastermind Elite™ Coaching where you’ll work with me 1:1 to grow your business. In this program, you’ll also receive access to The Scale to Six Mastermind(TM) to help you build your business, attract more clients and make more money

And so much more.

Private Coaching Programs

I also offer VIP Retreats and 60-90 Day Coaching Programs:

  • Signature Talk Design Intensives In this 60-day program we’ll work together to design your signature talk.
  • Workshop Coaching Intensive in this program we’ll work together to create a workshop designed to attract and convert your most ideal clients.

To learn more, let’s schedule a time to speakClick here to learn more and schedule a complimentary chat with Jeannie.

What Clients Say…

30258854127356.cEQi7bnIHaCiG8oeBAZE_height640“Working with Jeannie was a dream come true!”

She did more for me in 3 hours than other programs/coaching I had participated in for an entire year.

When I began my intensive with Jeannie, my business model was broken and I was limping along with stagnant income. Within 2 days of her help

I generated $4914 worth of business! All because of what we worked on during our time together (I would never have thought to do this on my own). She gave me real working strategy, took my mixed-up pieces and turned them into a simple model that makes sense.

Only 2 weeks later I have a new business plan that is working, I am on track to reach my income goals (finally!) and I feel this can actually work.

Don’t wait another minute to work with Jeannie, I only wish I had done it sooner!

Donna Ashton,

Ramona Remesat“I held my first teleclass with outstanding results and I more than double the size of my email list”

Before I started working with Jeannie I was struggling to grow my business. I knew I wanted to offer my services to a broader audience but had no idea how to market myself online. In fact, I found the whole idea of social media marketing and technology very overwhelming! What I did know was that I wanted to reach out to my clients via a teleclass but due to my lack of knowledge in this area, I kept procrastinating. As it turned out, Jeannie offered a free teleclass on “How to do a Teleclass”. I listened in and found her tips to be very helpful. At that point, I had decided that it was time for me to get serious and really move my business forward so I enrolled in Jeannie’s program. In the time I have been working with Jeannie I have learned so much! Her knowledge and teaching style are only surpassed by her genuine care and concern for her clients. I look forward to my coaching calls with her, not only for the insight and resources she shares but because the time spent with her feels like time spent with family.

She is a gentle, but firm coach who genuinely wants to see her clients succeed and I think that sets her apart from some of the other coaches out there. Over the last few months Jeannie has helped me get much clearer on my target market, craft offers specific to their needs and with her guidance I held my first teleclass with outstanding results! Not only did I more than double the size of my email list, but it opened to the door to several sales conversations with people across North America and beyond!

The Mastermind is the perfect blend of personal coaching and group support. One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is not having others to bounce ideas off, so one of the things I love most about this program is the Facebook Group. It’s so nice to reach out to a group of bright minds and receive information, positive and supportive feedback from everyone. The monthly marketing and Q&A calls are also invaluable! I am learning so much!!

Working with Jeannie has also taught me the power of speaking as a method to grow my business.  This has led me to secure a speaking engagement at a women’s only conference this fall and given me the confidence to move forward with additional teleclasses and webinars.

If you are serious about moving your business forward, and want to gain more clients and make more money, I highly recommend working with Jeannie. It will be an investment in yourself that you won’t regret.

Ramona Remesat, RP-CRA, ATP®, Intuitive Mindset Coach

Sandra Templeton“I went from 0 to 12 clients”
Before working with Jeannie I had a few clients and felt unstructured and unmotivated. Now I have 12 clients and a mailing list. I now send out my newsletter every Tuesday not just when I have time. I’ve hired a social media expert, database expert and a VA because my business has expanded so much.

What I love about this program is the personal coaching with Jeannie, the Q&A and business and marketing training calls and Facebook group. You get support from Jeannie and everyone else in the group. One day when I felt I wanted to throw in the towel it was this group that supported me through it. If it weren’t for the group I don’t know where I’d be today.

As a coach, Jeannie is SPOT ON and has helped me get to where I needed to be. She will help you get unstuck and in working with her it will MAKE your business.

Sandra Templeton, Web Design Strategist,

Heather Poduska“Jeannie suggested I rework my business model as I had outgrown one of my lower-level programs. Within a few weeks, I had booked a new client into one of my Private 90 Day Coaching Packages”

I was feeling a overwhelmed and nervous about taking my business to the next big level. I had developed some programs with which I was already comfortable and doing well, but it was time to stretch myself which brought up a lot of mindset blocks for me.

As a result of our VIP Day, I feel very focused and organized. Not only did we refine my signature system, we also nailed down specific programs and launches as spin-offs of that system which will be simple and streamlined to create. As a result, I feel very confident and comfortable about marketing my offerings without hesitation. I feel like I finally have a program that is going to give my ideal clients fantastic results AND optimize my talents. As a result, I feel very confident and comfortable about marketing my offerings without hesitation. Do not let Jeannie’s calm, unassuming manner fool you. She is sharp as a tack with the insights and expertise to get RESULTS. It’s just an extra bonus that she is also a lovely, warm mentor.

 Heather Poduska,


Wendy Sabin“My biggest success was hosting my first teleseminar, which resulted in several clients!” Before starting the program, I was struggling with overwhelm for all the things I needed to do to grow my business.  Social media, blogs, not to mention actual client work! Jeannie’s approach really streamlines the social media strategy for my business.  Since the program, I’ve made amazing contacts, had several joint ventures, and increased my social media presence, particularly with groups in Linked In.   Jeannie’s and the other group members’ support really helped me pull it off!  I’ve grown my network dramatically.  I’ve even crafting my signature talk and started embracing speaking opportunities, rather than shying away from them.  My favorite part was the facebook support group and the Q&A calls. The instant feedback on day to day challenges was fantastic.

Wendy Sabin, Profit Strategist,

Gayle Nowak“I successfully launched my first program, which brought in thousands in revenue”

Before working with Jeannie I had a tiny list, no visibility and — despite having a strong marketing background — very little online marketing experience. Once I started working with Jeannie I learned quickly how to leverage my online presence in order to launch and grow my business. One of the biggest factors in getting more eyes on my business in under a year has been through teleseminars. Thanks to Jeannie’s strategies, I’ve been using teleseminars consistently, which has resulted so far in my list growing seven-fold. I also successfully launched my first program, which brought in thousands in revenue.

Gayle Nowak, Founder & Chief Story Marketer, The Story Stylist,,

What are the next steps?

To recognize that this proven approach can be just the solution you need to uplevel your business and solve the problem of no clients and little revenue for good! If you think you’d like to learn more about how you can use my strategies to grow your business then:

  1. Complete any of the Apply Now buttons on this page to submit a non-binding questionnaire so that we can set up a time to speak and decide what’s right for you
  2. After we speak and you decide you want to work with me or join any of my programs, you’ll be directed to payment links to secure your payment
  3. Depending on which package you choose you’ll be sent specifics of the program and how you can gain entry into your selected option right away
  4. You’ll be contacted by my team to set up your coaching calls or program specifics right away

Are we a good fit?

I work with coaches, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs who want to learn how to attract and convert more clients and create more consistent income every in their business every month.

Entrepreneurs who know they’ve tried other strategies and they just haven’t worked. Maybe they’ve been in big coaching programs or have too many bright shiny objects to choose from so they’re lost, confused and ready for a clear path and direction.

Entrepreneurs who really want to make a bigger difference in the world. Who are passionate about what they do and need to get their message out in a much bigger way.

Entrepreneurs who can see themselves possibly hosting their own workshops or leaves events on small, medium or even large stages making a difference in other people’s lives from the work they do.

I work with emerging and advancing coaches and consultants who are clear on their niche and just want to learn how to create a business they absolutely love.

If you feel this is you and you don’t know which package is best for you, then let’s chat and together we’ll determine where you should start based on your current challenges and goals. Click here now to apply to speak with me.

Terms and Conditions.

Earnings Disclaimer: Guarantees are not made as to the amount you will earn as results vary.