Hi, I'm Jeannie Spiro

I help Women Coaches and Service Providers make 6-figures and beyond by simplifying the path to more clients, money and ease in their business.

Ready to scale to 6-figures and beyond in your business?

Ready to Make the Money and Impact You Desire and Take Your Business to the Next Level?

For women coaches and service-based business owners wanting to design private, group and mastermind programs that sell, master relationship marketing and speaking to attract clients, learn the feminine approach to selling; and go from being booked out serving clients one-to-one to a scalable business model and programs that make more money and serve more people. 

Sage Polaris - Conscious Launch Strategist - Jeannie Spiro

“It went on to be my biggest launch of the year at $217k and I broke the multiple six-figure mark for the first time. Jeannie pours so much dedication and love into every single person who works with her. If you are lucky enough to have her support you, your entire business will transform. Expect your revenue to rise, your offers to fly off the shelf, and your life to never be the same again. ”

SAGE POLARIS, Conscious Launch Strategist

If your desire is to serve many, make more and work less - then you've come to the right place.

No matter if you're working toward selling more of your private programs or have reached capacity working one-to-one and are ready to create and sell group programs so you can serve more people, leverage your time and make more money, there's really just one thing you need to know.


Listen, I've been where you are…

  • Tweaking and adjusting your programs and pricing with hopes they'll sell better
  • Doubting yourself when your marketing doesn't work and you aren't attracting clients and selling your programs
  • Focusing on things you think will help you grow your business (like starting a podcast or writing your book)
  • Stressing because you don't have a plan to consistently sell your programs
  • Trying the latest and greatest sales funnels and finding yourself confused, overwhelmed and stressed out
  • Doing well serving clients one-to-one, but can't wrap your head around how to do it at scale
  • Wanting to serve more people, make more money and work far less, yet can't figure out how

Here's the thing. You can have the business you want, the secret is that once you know how to create programs that sell the way you want to serve, all you need is to learn how and when to sell them.

Want a leveraged way to attract more ideal clients at one time?

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Grow Your Business On Your Terms.

Coming from a sales background and having worked in a competitive, high-stress environment for many years; I found myself wanting a more easeful and enjoyable business, yet my pursuit for that had me caught up in thinking that I needed to work harder to earn more. 

Then as luck would have it, that proverbial 2×4 came along.

Hi, I'm Jeannie Spiro! Business Coach & Strategist...

Podcast Host, Speaker, Wife, Mom and Mid-lifer dedicated to helping women simplify the path to the 6-figure and beyond business they desire. 

It take me nearly running my coaching business into the ground to discover that I'd been going about growing my business all wrong. 

Most women business owners working toward their first 6-figures do the same. 

They overcomplicate the journey and focus on the wrong things.

Suddenly I had a selling and scaling problem.

The entire time I'd been looking for a way to work in my feminine energy and serve more people, I'd neglected one key thing – to have several strategies and systems in place that would allow me to consistently sell my coaching programs.

Want revenue consistency?

This is going to sound pretty strange, especially because I'd already had over 10 years of success selling my coaching programs and 20 years in corporate sales.

But when I couldn't lean into my tried and true sales strategies, I had to unpack all I knew and start over.

It was in this restart and redesign that I discovered the way to sales consistency and scaling my business that's completely turned my business around.

And now that I've figured it out for myself and have been teaching my clients the path to more sales and scaling in a kinder and easier way.

Let's talk about how you can do this too!

Want sales consistency and a business that scales?

You don’t have to do everything - you just need to know what to do.

No matter if you're currently trying to sell your private programs and create client and income consistency or you're looking for a way to shift the way you're working to serve many, work less and make more;  you'll find what you're looking for right here.

Sell your programs and scale your business.

Monetize the Stage Program


Monetize the Stage
This online program teaches you the steps to designing a signature talk, how to secure speaking engagements and how to attract clients through live and virtual speaking engagements.


The Scale to Six(TM)Program
A 12-month group coaching program focused on helping coaches and service providers scale their business to 6-figures by teaching the essential marketing, sales and money-making strategies needed for growth. 


Visionary Private Coaching
A 12-month private coaching program for multiple 6-figure CEO's wanting to scale and streamline their business, make a bigger impact and create a lifestyle based 7-figure business. (Limited to 5 per year)

“I've completely redesigned my business, am doing work I love and have been able to create $10K months in my business!”

SHANNON GIORDANO, Social Media Strategist

“As a business coach and sales strategist, I help my clients master selling their private, group and mastermind programs and scaling their business by applying the feminine approach to monetizing, running and scaling a business. 

I'll teach you the simple strategies and systems that will guide you toward selling, serving and scaling so you can earn more money in your business”.