Hi! I'm Jeannie, a business coach for women helping client-based business owners...

become a thriving, impactful and profitable CEO at every stage of growing, monetizing and scaling your business.

For Women Coaches and Client-Based Business Owners Who Want a Profitable & Impactful Business and Balanced Life.

“It went on to be my biggest launch of the year at $217k and I broke the multiple six-figure mark for the first time. Jeannie pours so much dedication and love into every single person who works with her. If you are lucky enough to have her support you, your entire business will transform. Expect your revenue to rise, your offers to fly off the shelf, and your life to never be the same again. ”


Impact. Income. Influence.

and a Thriving Client-Based Business.

You know what you want. And we both know that it’s not to work as hard as you’re working right now. But the reality is, you have been because you continue to spin your wheels. If you’re done with the stress, burn-out and wanting an easier way to achieve the business you desire.

You’ve got a promising and maybe even thriving client-based business, but maybe right now…

  • You’re putting in too many hours and you’re on the verge of burnout
  • You’ve hit an income ceiling but you know there’s potential for more
  • You're overwhelmed by running your business and all the decisions that come with it
  • You started this business to get more freedom in your life – but you don't seem to have it

Imagine what your life and business could look like if you could avoid all the detours and you were given a roadmap that helped you become a more strategic, empowered and profitable CEO at every stage of business.

Having an impactful and profitable coaching or client-based business doesn't have to be complicated, confusing or exhausting - you just need to know how to grow it, monetize it, run it and scale it!

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“Jeannie helped me find the way and trust in my gifts in making money that supports the journeys I want to take in this lifetime.”


Are you ready to accelerate your growth and discover what you need to be doing to monetize and scale your business?

Doing everything because you think you’re supposed to isn’t going to make growing your business easier. No matter if you’re scaling to six figures or working toward seven, if you have a coaching or client-based business and want to make more money with ease, it’s important to know exactly what to focus on to make growing your business easier.

What if you could…

  • Spend more time with your kids before they leave the nest?
  • Travel the world and explore new places?
  • Prioritize time with your partner?
  • Have more time to take care of yourself and those you love?
  • Write that book you've been wanting to write?

It's time to stop getting stuck in the cycle of over complication and overdoing, get out of the grind and start making the money and impact you desire most.

Take it from someone who's been there.

After spending a lot of time and energy trying to grow and scale my coaching business, I realized that I was approaching it all wrong. On the verge of extreme burn-out, I found myself wanting to quit coaching and leave it all behind. 

It wasn't until I got really clear about what I needed to be doing as the CEO of my business, that everything started to change. Thought leaders began hiring me to help them grow and scale their business, my programs filled with ease and I found a team to help me get my time back. 

Jeannie Spiro, extraordinary business coach for women, at play by the seaside

How I Hit Multiple Six Figures in One Year as a Business Coach for Women

In 2010, after years of marginally liking what I did for a living, I stumbled upon the passion that changed my life.

Most people didn’t believe I could do it. In fact, not many understood what I was doing. They thought I was making a big mistake – how could I walk away from a dependable, steady salaried job that I was good at?

For the first six months, I floundered. I was distracted by wrapping up loose ends in my former career and I was trying to do “all the things” that the business gurus suggested.

With everything stacked against me, I had that moment where I realized this floundering business was causing me more anxiety than joy. I also had a real world income to replace – and kids that depended on it.

It was at this moment that I developed a framework to monetize and scale my coaching business. I focused solely on fine tuning my private programs, getting known, attracting and closing clients.

Once revenue started coming in consistently, I zeroed in on the programs and marketing and sales strategies that would help me leverage my time, support more people and make more money. Before I knew it, my coaching business took off. I went from not enough clients and consistent income, to reaching multiple 6-figures and clients I loved working with.

And that’s how my Monetize the Stage™ Method came about. I figured out the right steps, in the right order and was able to reach multiple 6-figures before focusing on scaling to seven.

I know that a satisfying, multiple six figure business is achievable for anyone with the right plan! I also know that once you’ve achieved it, scaling to seven is entirely possible too.

Scaling into 6-figures has allowed me to make an impact while having the freedom to enjoy my family and all that life has to offer.

With my Monetize the Stage™ Method, I got all of that. And you can too.

How I Became a Thriving, Sought After & Highly Profitable Midlife CEO

With my corporate sales background at Fortune 500 companies and private brokerage and wealth-management firms, I was fortunate to have been able to take what I learned from working with 1,000's of clients and monetized by business fairly quickly.

It took 3 years (while working part-time and juggling all things as a wife and mom of two) to achieve my first multiple 6-figure year. 

When I did…I felt I hit the lottery.

My business was pretty wonderful for many years and I had incredible private clients, group and mastermind programs that filled and sold out every year.

It wasn't until I answered the inner call to scale and work toward 7-figures that everything began to fall apart. 

I started working harder, investing in costly programs, making all sorts of hiring and sales decisions and still couldn't achieve my next big revenue goal.

When the pandemic came along, it shifted not only how I worked and sold my programs, but my entire life and business too.

I made time for myself, started my podcast, began working with clients at all stages of business and found ease and joy in my life again.

I used that time to streamline, systematize and scale my business and in doing so -discovered how to achieve the revenue I really wanted.

The secret wasn't that I needed to work harder, it was that I needed to zero in and learn how to grow my business in a way that would allow me to reach the next stage of growth without burning out.

I zeroed in on everything – my business model, coaching programs, marketing, sales strategies, team and time.

My business became easier to run, I was making more money and I discovered that I had more time for everything else that mattered to me most in life.

Everything shifted when I learned how to step into becoming the CEO I needed to be during my scaling stage of business. 

And when I finished applying and implementing my new approach to working and living in my own business, I started teaching my clients to do the same.

Not only have I found a profitable coaching business model that works for me and my life, but I now work with other coaches and client-based business owners at all stages of business to help them do the same.

Whether you're in the monetizing, scaling or influencing stage of business and you're trying to figure out how to grow, monetize, streamline or scale it – I can teach you to step into the CEO you need to be to do it all.

With my powerful CEO monetization and business scaling system, I got the business and life I wanted. And know that you can too.

With my system to grow, monetize, run and scale your coaching or client-based business, you’ll get customized direction so you can...

  • Monetize each stage of business growth (Monetizing, Scaling and Influencing)
  • Have a coaching or client-based business model that's enjoyable, streamline and profitable to run
  • Deliver transformational programs that allow you to make an impact while making more money
  • Not have to guess what to do for marketing at each stage of business (you'll have a strategy and plan)
  • Master and utilize client attracting sales systems as you move from working 1:1 to 1:many
  • Focus only on the marketing and sales strategies that will yield the fastest results
  • Create and follow a simplified business roadmap for a clear path to your financial goal
  • Work toward the revenue goal that's right for you – $50K, $100K or multiple 6 or 7-figures+
  • Know what you're doing, who you're hiring, how to work with your team and so much more

You don’t have to do everything - you just have to do the right things.

Stop spending time wondering what to do to grow, monetize and scale your business, together we can make your business far more enjoyable to run and grow. 

“I had over 50 women attend my first retreat. It was the first time I generated revenue from one of my live events!”


Ready to Grow, Monetize and Scale A Coaching or Client-Based Business That Allows You to Make the Money and Impact You Most Desire?

Monetize the Stage Program


Monetize the Stage™
A step-by-step online program designed to help you design a lead generating signature talk to attract more clients, build your mailing list and generate more sales conversations in your business.


The Impactful CEO
A 12-month impact and income focused business coaching program teaching primetime women coaches and client-based business owners how to grow, run and scale their lifestyle driven coaching business.


Visionary Private Coaching
A 12-month private coaching program for multiple 6-figure CEO's wanting to scale and streamline their business, make a bigger impact and create a lifestyle based 7-figure business. (Limited to 5 per year)

Monetize the Stage Program


Monetize the Stage™
A 12-month group coaching program for women coaches and client-based business owners wanting to create, sell and fill their signature private and group coaching programs so they can scale into multiple 6-figures.


The Influencer Mastermind
A 12-month mastermind for multiple 6-figure women business owners wanting the systems and strategies to leverage their time, multiple your income and streamline your business for more ease and freedom.

Visionary Coaching


Visionary Private Coaching
A 12-month private coaching program for multiple 6-figure business owners wanting strategy, guidance and coaching to take their business to 7-figures.
(Limited to 5 per year)

“My revenue has grown by 75% this year and I was able to make 6-figures the first year of working with Jeannie!”


“As a business coach for women, I help my clients step into becoming the CEO of their business and not only look at the high level strategies they need to achieve the fastest path to profits and scaling a client-based business, but create one that's enjoyable, profitable and impactful. 

Sometimes, all you need is the perspective and a strategic plan. I'll teach you how to focus on the high impact activities and strategies so you can step into the business you want that fits your life.”

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