I never planned to be an entrepreneur. In fact for nearly 20 years I was quite happy working as a sales executive for several Fortune 500 companies and private brokerage and wealth management firms.

But in 2005, after the sudden death of my boss I took a cold hard look at my life and realized I wasn’t happy at all. In fact I was living my life on autopilot, working so hard that I barely saw my family and sicker than I’d ever been in my life.

You see, there were certain things I really loved about being an executive; like number crunching, thinking on my feet, pleasing my clients, managing my sales team, delivering sales presentations and getting new clients.

I was good at it all. Actually really good at it. But I’d gotten to the point of hating doing it for someone else.

When I stumbled upon coaching and began growing my business alongside my full-time job, I realized that I could take all my best skills and turn them into a business to help entrepreneurs, I knew I’d finally found my purpose and passion in life.

After a few years of side gigging, thinking I was ready to leave my career behind, I quit my job only to find myself struggling to survive just six months later.

Determined not to return to corporate, I decided to do whatever it took to turn my business into a client and revenue generating machine.

Desperate for clients, I created a Signature Talk and used it to attract more clients. Within months I filled my practice. Shortly thereafter I hosted a workshop and then filled my group coaching program and within 12 months I took my business to $137,000.


What I discovered was the way to a lucrative lifestyle business all starts with a system to attract clients and a system to create consistent revenue.

These days I’m doing exactly what I love. Helping my clients master speaking to attract clients through their live talks, webinars and workshops and teaching them how to make money in their business by creating, packaging and pricing their offers, teaching them how to sell and doing it in a way that allows them to have a lifestyle business.

How It All Started…

It’s safe to say I know a few things about speaking, selling, marketing and making money and can show you how to do it too.

Originally from northern New Jersey, I ventured to college in San Francisco then Rhode Island to get my BA in Speech Communications.

My first speaking gig was as a Tour Guide working at the famous Newport Mansions, The Breakers and Marble House. At 21 I hosted upwards of 7 tours a day speaking to 40-50 tourists at a time and I loved it!

It was the very thing that got me out of my shell, built my confidence and love of speaking and which lead to years of a speaking, educating and selling to doctors, dentists, professionals and employees, upwards of 500 at a time.

Corporate was my playing field and I got to learn everything about business in my various sales positions from being a Recruiter, to Medicare Sales Representative, to Sales Team Leader (managing a staff of 10 sales professionals), to an Account Executive to being a Director of Marketing, Sales and Employee Benefits.

And as the daughter of two entrepreneurs (my Dad started a house painting business to help make ends meet because his high school teacher’s salary wasn’t enough to pay for four college tuitions). My mom went back to school in her 30’s, left her nursing career and started her own social work business – which she still has today.

Entrepreneurship was in my blood…(even if it wasn’t in my original plan)

I believe that mastering entrepreneurship is entirely possible. Especially if you have people in your life who can guide you through it.

And I also believe that I’m here to take everything I learned about speaking, selling and attracting clients and teach you how to do it and just because you may not be great at it now, doesn’t mean that you can’t be.

Does it take work? Absolutely!

But when you have the right mentor and guidance it’s that much easier.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to work with me.

Whether you’re an emerging coach, consultant or service-based entrepreneur who’s looking for clients and consistent income. Or an advancing entrepreneur who’s ready to gain more visibility, create more leverage and creative a lifestyle business. I can help.

First I’ll teach you how to speak to attract clients. Next I’ll show you how to make the money you want in your business. Then I’ll show you how to create the structure you need to create a multiple 6 figure business like me.

It’s time you had the support you need to grow your business. It doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact the way I’ll teach you is rather easy.

There’s nothing more I love than helping my clients create a business on their terms, serving the people they most want to work with and making the money they know they deserve.


If you’re ready to take the next leap and want guidance to help you get there then I’d like to help.

To learn more about my programs and services, click here.

Jeannie Spiro is Speaking Strategist, Sales & Business Coach specializing in helping her clients speak their way to more clients through signature talks, webinars, workshops and online courses. She lives outside Newport, Rhode Island with her husband, kids (when they’re not in college) and their perfectly imperfect dog, Posey. When not enjoying life in Rhode Island, she and her family enjoy spending time on the beaches of Cape Cod, St. John, Block Island and Florida and the ski slopes of Canada and New Hampshire.