Getting Over Your Obsession with Your Business and How to Not Let It Control Your Life

May 29, 2015


For years all I ever wanted was to work from home, then when it finally happened I found myself barely getting out of my pajamas and hardly ever leaving the house. I went from not being home to rarely getting out.

What was worse was my obsession with my business. At first it was just taking business books to bed, then it was my computer, then replying to clients at all hours, to waking up in the middle of the night to get work done to pull more all nighters than I can count.

When I started thinking in 140 characters, hashtags and which images of my life would get the most likes, shares and comments I began to see that I was completely addicted to my business and it was definitely time to make some serious changes.

Unfortunately when you work for yourself it can be a real challenge to shut down your business and mind at the end of the day.

But if you don’t do it, it will affect every area of your life from your relationships, sleep, health, stress and income.

Think you’re doing yourself a favor by working ‘round the clock? Think again!

you’re not doing yourself any favors if you don’t.

If you’re anything like me and have found it hard to stop working (or can’t stop thinking about it even when you’re not) then it’s time to create a better relationship with your business.

But first let’s talk about why you’re obsessed with your business.

Chances are good that you’re putting your all into growing your business. Not only your time but your energy and money too. It’s fair to say there’s a lot on the line.

Studies of American adults who have increased levels of job stress (yes, even your own), have increased rates of heart attack. And by working all the time, not shutting down you’re creating unnecessary stress on yourself.

So what’s an entrepreneur to do?

Create more balance between your life and work. Here’s how:

  1. Schedule: Just like a job you have a set work schedule. You must do the same for your business. Take out a calendar and decide when you’ll work. Not just the hours of the day but the days of the week and weeks of the year.
  2. Stop Working: At the end of your day cut the cord. Shut your computer down. Turn off your devices and don’t go back until you’re scheduled to work again
  3. Auto Replies: If you can’t create boundaries easily then set up an auto reply in your email that tells clients and potential clients when you will reply to your messages. It’s your business, you decide your policy on replying to messages.
  4. Limit Social Media: We talk about this for pleasure but what about for work? It’s easy to spend your day and night replying to clients in your Facebook groups. Set an expectation of when you’ll work and reply. Tell them so they know what to expect.
  5. Get Computers Out of Your Bed: Computers of any kind don’t belong in your bedroom…end of story!
  6. Get Outside Daily: No matter what, get outside. Whether it’s 5-10 minutes or a full walk. Get out of the house and away from your work
  7. Dump Your Thoughts: one of my clients, Ramona Remesat of helps entrepreneurs achieve a more balanced business work and home life along with teaching them how to trust their intutiion and release their fears and negative thoughts holding them back. One thing she recommends to help ease stress before going to bed is to write all of your thoughts in a journal. This way you’ll get them out of your head and they won’t interrupt your sleep.
  8. Get a Full Night’s Sleep: Take it from me, I’ve done more harm than good in this area. Make sure you get your sleep, you need it.
  9. Find a Mentor: Often times my clients tell me that they finally get their life back once they hire me. It’s mostly because I help them create a plan they can trust so they don’t have to obsess all night long.

What I’ve realized more than anything is that one of the reasons you’re obsessed with your business and can’t break away from it is that you’re worried and afraid of it’s failure and quite possibly it’s success.

When you work with a mentor who can help you put your mind at ease and help you create boundaries between your work and life you’ll achieve much more balance overall and begin to love your business again.

Don’t wait until it gets too late, start taking action now. Remember, it’s your business. You set the rules!

In the comments below I’d love to hear from you. Do you think you have a healthy relationship with your business? If so, let me know what you’ve done to create that. If not, what do you think is getting in the way?

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