Why It Helps Your Clients When You Have a Signature Process

Do you have a process or system in your business that helps people achieve their desired result? What about a step by step method of helping people achieve the outcome they’re hiring you to help them with?

Even if you don’t realize it, having a process that you take your clients through can significantly help them achieve longer lasting results as well as ensure that you are making more money in your business.

One of my more recent clients came to me asking me how to triple her income in 6 months. After talking to her briefly in one of our initial Strategy calls I discovered that the coaching process she was following did not offer a specific flow to help her clients achieve their desired results.

Every business has a process whether you know it or not but the sooner you discover what your process is the faster you’ll make more money by helping your clients achieve the outcome they’re looking for.

In my work with this client I noticed that because she couldn’t help her clients get from Point A to Point B they didn’t have a process to follow and her work didn’t create a desired end result.

Having a signature method to your “madness” will not only help your clients but will help you create more cash flow in your business and here’s why:

A process shortens the length of time it takes to achieve the outcome and helps you by not having to keep reinventing the wheel.
Clients like proven step-by-step formulas and systems—there’s comfort in knowing that what they are paying for has worked for other people
Awesome testimonials—when future clients read your testimonials they’ll want the same desired results. A system will allow people to know what they’re buying and say “yes” more often.
A system will help you create more streams of income in your business—for example, I have a “6 Step System for Online List Building and Client Mastery”-I used this system to quickly build my list, get clients and make money in my business. I teach it to my clients in my private coaching programs and VIP Private Intensive Retreats Now I’ve also repurposed the same program and am offering it in my brand new 6 month group coaching program.

Do you see how it’s possible to create greater success when you work from a process or system to help your clients? Can you see how you can create more streams of income in your business?

Your Turn: I’d love to hear from you, have you created a system to use with your clients? What do you feel you need to know in order to create one?

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14 thoughts on “Why It Helps Your Clients When You Have a Signature Process”

  1. Meire Weishaupt

    Thank you so much for your article Jeannie! I love process and automation, but I have to take a deep look in the process I’m using right now, and improve. The way you write makes us visualize how we can do more on the side still keeping our business!

  2. Carl Mason-Liebenberg

    Great article and I can proudly say, this has been the focus of my efforts this year….making progress and refining it now for the new year!

  3. Norma Doiron@Start, Grow & Strenghten Your Business ONLINE

    “She couldn’t help her clients get from Point A to Point B they didn’t have a process to follow and her work didn’t create a desired end result.” What great advice this is! You hit it spot on…. totally what I’ve been trying to do and continue to look for more ways to keep it simple. YOU are awesome! 🙂

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