Why I Don’t Want to Work With Everyone and How My Business Grew When I Stopped Being the Jack of All Trades

November 4, 2016

Several years back when I transitioned into Business Coaching I decided to focus on being an Online Business Strategist, primarily helping business owners grow their businesses online.

For a few years I did pretty well with it. I had great clients. Made a nice little monthly income and felt I’d found a nice little niche.

After a while getting clients got harder and I started attracting all the wrong clients. On top of that, my sales conversations weren’t going well. I wasn’t closing as many clients as I would have liked to, and time and time again the wrong people kept showing up.

This serving everyone showed up everywhere in my business. Like in my bank account, because I wasn’t making as much as I would have liked. Like in my marketing, because I didn’t know how what to write in blogs and newsletters. Like in my speaking, because I wasn’t sure how to create a Signature Talk. Like in my confidence, because I compared myself to experts who were standing out in their field and I realized I wasn’t.

Then there was the conversation that made me realize I needed to refine my marketing. I had been speaking to someone and she said, “Why would I hire you specifically? What makes you so different than all the other Online Business Strategists, Marketers and Experts”.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was offering general information to absolutely everyone. In order to grow and make more money I had to differentiate myself, stop working with everyone and stop being a jack of all trades.

That’s exactly what I did. What I’m about to share with you helped me become known, attract more clients (easily) and create a multiple 6-figure business. So here goes…

Step 1: There’s Only One YOU! (Identify What Makes You Unique)

These days there are 1,000’s of coaches growing their businesses. But there’s only one YOU.

Only one you who knows what you know. Does what you do your way. Has a special set of skills. Has a unique view or perspective. Has a certain set of values. Has a certain way of dressing, thinking, talking, being.

In order to stand out and attract who you most want to work with, you must get clear about yourself first. When you identify and create your positioning you can then stop working with everyone, you can work with those you most want to serve.

Step 2: Identified My Niche and Specialization Within It

Once again, there are countless Business Coaches. But what is it about me that I know and makes me unique that allows me to stand out? As soon as I identified this and blended it with my business, I knew I was on to something.

My unique gifts are in three areas: speaking, selling, and strategy around making money. But when I take that even deeper it’s more than that, here’s what really makes me unique:

Speaking, Selling & Making Money:  I have a BA in Speech Communication; I mastered public speaking when I became a Tour Guide giving thousands of presentations. At 23 years old I was designing and delivering sales presentations and trainings to 100’s of people at a time. I’ve been speaking professionally and publicly for 25+ years. I can design a presentation with my eyes closed. I know how to sell without being pushy…..etc… (the list goes on and on).

So after I did the exercise above I realized what I was good at and then it became clear to me within my niche what I should be doing and who I could serve. I easily started to see that I could help coaches and service-based business owners speak and use it to attract and convert clients.

By connecting the dots I then positioned myself very differently. Not working with everyone but only working with people I felt I could best serve..

This then led to looking for the clients who needed my help. My niche.

Step 3: Create Your Programs and Services to Align with Your Genius and Niche

Once you know what you’re best at and where you can stand out, you then create programs and services that support them. This makes everything easier because you only have to offer what you’re good at and you then get paid for what they want.

Take my business for example. I knew that coaches and service-based business owners want clients, so I developed Client Converting Talks to teach them how to design and deliver a Signature Talk that would help them attract clients. This allowed me to tie in my genius to what I know they needed. My genius and experience in the area makes my program unique and still highly valuable.

Take my Revenue Makers Mastermind(TM), it’s a unique and necessary program for coaches and service-based business owners because it blends in my genius around speaking to attract clients, developing sales mastery to close more clients, and business development to create a revenue-generating lifestyle business. All things I’ve done for myself, that I know really well, and know my clients need.

Doing this work allowed me to make a whole heck of a lot more money and only focus on working with the people I most want to work with. A total win-win.

So what about you? Are you standing out? Is your marketing not specific enough? Where do you shine? Let me know in the comments below. Do you feel you’re not standing out to be seen and paid? I’d love to hear!

Jeannie Spiro: Business Coach & Strategist

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