Why Blogging Doesn't WorkIf you’ve been feeling like your blogging efforts are getting you no where, then this is the post for you!

I’ve come to a conclusion that blogging just isn’t my thing. Believe me, I’ve tried. Over the course of six years I’ve written a blog post almost every week (I think I’ve skipped it maybe 5 times).

When I first started online marketing everyone told me to set up my blog and write. My coach at the time told me to write at least once a week, maybe even more if I wanted to build a bigger audience faster.

For a while I was getting some traction. People were reading and commenting on my posts, but after a while things cooled. Yeah, like ice cold…people stopped commenting and quite honestly I have no idea as I write this if anyone is going to care that I’m writing this (or will even comment) right now.

Over the years I’ve written some amazing posts. Posts that have my strategies to reaching 6 figures (yup, all the secrets are in the words on this blog) and real and raw posts like when my boss dropped dead of a heart attack at word and how it eventually lead to me starting this business. And the one where I lost my amazing, adorable sidekick, my sweet fur baby Tilly (well that actually got a lot of comments).

Anyway, I’ve poured my heart and soul into my posts over the years and I’ve really wondered if the effort was worth it.

It takes a lot of effort to blog. To come up with ideas, to put them into coherent sentences, to get them on your blog and then share them on social media. So after a while when crickets are chirping you begin to wonder if you should continue and that’s when you begin to think about what you should do instead.

  • Do you take a blogging course?
  • Do you hire a copywriter?
  • Do you stop entirely?
  • Do you write more provocative content?
  • Do you hire a social media manager?
  • Do you pay for Facebook Ads?
  • Do you focus your marketing efforts elsewhere?

For me, all these thoughts began to come out when I started to think about what would be a faster and easier way for me to reach my ideal client. I began to think that maybe I’d approached my marketing all wrong and started to look at reversing my strategy.

Then one day the light bulb went off and I decided to approach my marketing differently. You see, I’m naturally much better at speaking. I hate writing. Of course if I’m telling myself that no one’s ever going to stop and comment on my blog (or even read it), why would they? It was time to get out of my head, stop focusing on stuff that wasn’t working and find a faster way to reach my peeps.

So that’s exactly what I did and if you’re paying attention to this, what I’m about to tell you can save you a lot of time and help you reach 6 figures too:

  • I built my Signature Talk – a talk I could be known for and would allow me to get more visibility and traffic coming my way
  • I turned that talk into a webinar and through Facebook Ads ran traffic to it. Every time I ran those Ads and held a webinar I’d build my list from anywhere between 100-500 more amazing ideal clients (and let me emphasize ideal)
  • I used my Signature Talk and focused on delivering it live, hosting workshops and becoming a sponsor at many events (where my ideal clients just so happen to be).
  • I stopped putting as much effort into the marketing that wasn’t working for me (like blogging – and  yes, I clearly still do it but I emphasize speaking more)

And here’s what happened – my business exploded and in just under 12 months my business hit 6-figures.

Call to Action in Blog

Today I clearly still blog and maybe there’s a chance someone will read this and find this of value and maybe someone will comment below (and that would be great if they or you did). But the big thing that happened was that I discovered what worked for me and that strategy was speaking.

So I’d like to encourage you to think about your strategies. Maybe blogging works for you (if so, that’s great). Please keep doing it.

But if it’s not and you’re not getting the traction you want and right now what’s more important is building your list and making money, then maybe you need to reconsider your existing strategy too.

But maybe you feel like me and you’re ready to put yourself out there more and you’re ready to give speaking a try (or want to ramp it up more).

Bottom line, when you focus on getting more of the right eyes on your business and you start using webinars, teleseminar and speaking live – you’re going to get traction quickly.

And if you choose to learn more about blogging and how to write better – well I’ve got two resources for you.

Resource #1: Deb Coman’s “How to Create and Repurpose Blog Content” Program – check it out here.

Resource #2: Kerry Swetmon at www.Systemenvy.com has written several free resources to help you Plan and Publish Content #LikeABoss and The Blog Post Builder – make sure to snag those free resources here. 

In a few weeks I’m releasing my Signature Talks Course (the 2.0) version and can’t wait to teach how it lead to a 6-figure business. Make sure to hop on my mailing list below so you don’t miss out hearing about it as soon as it’s released.

Your Assignment: Come up with a strategy for yourself that you want to build upon. Stop wasting time on things that are taking more time than necessary and put some of your content into a kick butt webinar or teleseminar and get that out there asap.

Got something to say? Let me hear it! If you’re so inclined to comment below (or share it with your peeps) feel free to do so. I’d love to hear what you think and where you feel like maybe you’re wasting your precious time when it comes to growing your business!


  1. You know I read your stuff and it’s all gold!!! But this is super timely as I’ve been wondering the exact same thing about my blog. I’ve finally learned not to stress out so much if it doesn’t get done one week and instead focus on the things that are working for me and helping me get in front of the people who need my help. Thanks again for sharing your brilliance!

  2. Jeannie, You NAILED it!

    You said what a lot of coaches don’t say–that it’s important to have a strategy, but it must be YOUR strategy. Not everything is going to work for everyone, and if it doesn’t work, you’ll only get overwhelmed (and we both know that leads to inaction) and you won’t seem authentic and people won’t engage. BTW, I know a brilliant marketer and author of two books who purposely doesn’t blog more than once a month–people get so hungry for his content (me, included) they go over to his website to look around to see what he has to say.

  3. I love this! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we need to give ourselves permission to not be “awesome” at everything. Like I am opting to let go of a bunch of social media platforms because right now, I don’t get them and they stress me out! So I’m giving musket permission to step away…at least for now (adios Periscope and Twitter!) Thank you for helping me get refocused on speaking, I’m over here on the sideline trying to figure it all out…my time to get in the game is coming.

    • Beautiful Sherry. Good for you for stepping back and taking a look at where you want to spend your time to grow your business.
      I’m definitely seeing your name in lights! Keep going, I know there are great things coming.

  4. Although I do read your blog, I have neglected to comment. There’s a lot of value in what you write each week and I’m sure many people have been helped by your words. Just by you writing how you feel and how you came to the realization that it wasn’t working for you will help someone in their business.

    You have to do what feels right and works for you. Maybe it’s writing once a month or doing more video? You’ll find the right fit and will continue to help all of us do better.

    Thank you for all you do Jeannie!

    • Thanks so much for jumping into the conversation Margaret. Yes, I’m actually in the midst of reworking my entire blog approach which includes video blogging. It’s more fun for me and well, I just like speaking more 🙂

      I appreciate you!

  5. Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about a post that says you may not keep blogging…kidding. I am humbled by your very kind mention of my training video for people who want support to keep blogging. Thank you for that.

    What I love about this is that, as usual, you build business by examining what’s working and being willing to change gears to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. You remind us that we need to continue to look at where our time is going, where we feel the pull to do more and what activities help us to actually grow our business and not just “think” we’re growing it.

    As much as you don’t love to blog, you do reach people and it is enjoyable to read your messages. It’s clear that speaking is not only your platform but your gift so perhaps that is how you’ll choose to continue to reach out to those of us who love to pick up whatever you’re puttin’ down!

    Thanks for your post (in so many ways!)

    • You are so so welcome Deb! Your services are invaluable.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and yes, I always love to share what works.

      My approach is to use more video blogging for my business. I love it and I think it’s best to do what works for each person.

      Thank you for all you do!!!

  6. Jeannie, I blog because I like to write and once I have a good collection of good original stories, I’m going to put them into a book. That’s the value I see if blogging. Also, I repurpose other people’s stories with my spin and credit the original author. I make a good point and am not spending time creating new material. But Ido blog religiously, because I just like doing it. And I often repurpose my blogs in my news letter and on my FB. Twitter and LinkedIn pages. That does drive traffic to my website. Bottom line is if you like writing, blog. If you hate it. Don’t force yourself to do it.

    • Mary,
      You’re spot on with the exact strategies I’ve used ver the years and continue to do now. What I’ve discovered is that blogging is a slower strategy for me to reach my audience. I still do it but I love speaking a lot more.

      Thanks for chiming in. I’m glad you read my post and took the time to share your thoughts!

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