What You Can Learn from Bosses and Mentors

It’s been almost 8 years since my boss passed away at work.

He was the kind of man that everyone loved; a gentleman, an honest business man, a true family man, a great leader and a genuine person.

It was a regular kind of day. I’d worked about 60 hours already and the week was only part way done.

The long commute, the hours away from my kids, the complete stress of my job—it was getting too much to handle.

The one saving grace was my boss.

Jim came to work every day with a sunny disposition and a “can-do” attitude. He made me realize that I could handle anything that came my way if I just approached my job and clients with patience and understanding.
I was trying.

Then one day in February, 2005 my life changed when my boss took his last breath at work.

We were all there but Jim was behind closed doors.

It was too late when his body was found but his heart failed him that fateful day.

My co-worker and I drove to the hospital just after the ambulance left but we knew only too well that he had passed on.

That fateful day changed my life.

I realized that life was too short. My family was too important and I couldn’t continue working in an environment that was killing me too.

So I quit my job and began the process of my own life and career reinvention.

There are events and people in our lives that shape and change us.

Jim was the kind of mentor and leader that I aspire to be.

Have you ever had a boss or mentor that made an impact on you or your life? What did you learn from them that you carry with you in your business today?

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2 thoughts on “What You Can Learn from Bosses and Mentors”

  1. I learned from one of my bosses, the power of giving. My boss was an astute business woman but she gave and gave and gave. I always wondered why she was able to continue making huge amounts of profits year after year… but I realized she received because she so freely gave. She gave free products to prospects, she gave free products to unhappy customers, she gave to her family, friends, colleagues and relatives. She generously gave her employees benefits and bonuses. She just kept giving! And how blessed she was because her business continued to prosper.

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