What to Do When You Have a Small List

May 22, 2015


Building your mailing list is non-negotiable.

That’s right, you’ve heard it 1,000 times before but you’ve got to build your mailing list.

Now most business coaches will tell you that you’re not going to make any money until you have a large list but I’m living proof that that’s not the case. You see I beat the odds by making money even with a small list.

Yes, that’s right. With less than 1,000 people on my list I made my first $62K in my online business.

So how did I do that when everyone always says that you need to have a large list in order to make money. It was all about quality.

Now don’t get me wrong here, quantity will definitely help. But it’s really about the quality of your list that matters most.

So how do you go about building a quality list of amazing leads that will want to become your clients? Simple, do what I did (and still do) start speaking online.

Here’s what I suggest:

Step 1: Develop Your Signature Talk

I quickly discovered that speaking would be the fastest way to build a high quality list. Once I knew that I wanted to speak, I needed to develop my talk.

After countless failed attempts and poor results I finally discovered the formula to develop a strong signature talk which helps me close 50% of my talks. It’s something I now teach in my Create Profitable Signature Talks program.

The best way to get started with this is to get clear about what you want to offer when you speak. Once you know your offer then you can develop a talk that will sell it.

Step 2: Determine all the Ways You Can Use Your Talk

The next thing you need to determine is how you want to share your talk. I’ve discovered a variety of ways that are extremely effective, one of which is to use teleseminars and webinars.

When I first got started I hosted one teleseminar a month. One I hosted where I would deliver my signature talk and the other I would host a guest.

Both were amazingly great list builders because they allowed me to bring in targeted leads who wanted to hear my talk or the topics my guests were speaking about.

The second strategy became a no-brainer way to reach an entirely new audience and because I chose strategic partners who I knew were gathering my community I had to do a lot less work (someone else gathered them for me).

To this day I continue to use my talk in a variety of ways to reach many different audiences. I no longer worry about how to build a targeted high quality list, I just use these four strategies that I go into depth about in my Create Profitable Signature Talks program – speak live, speak on teleseminars and webinars, speak on interviews and align yourself with strategic partners.

Step 3: Align Yourself with Strategic Partners

In step 2 I started talking about this strategy. It is one of my top strategies to build my list and something I do every single week.

Here’s a great example of how this looks in action.

A friend and colleague, Jenny Fenig is hosting a new free webinar all about what you need to know to write an amazing book that you are proud to publish this year called, “Write Your Book in 2015”

Now Jenny and I chatted about how this is in perfect alignment with what I do to help my clients use speaking as a marketing strategy to grow their business. So she asked me if I would spread the word about her free webinar with my community and of course I said yes because it will in fact help you grow your business.

So here’s why I believe in this strategy…by me helping Jenny spread the word about her event, I’m helping her build her list, give great value to you by offering something I know you can use and when it’s time for me to ask her to spread the word about what I’m doing I know she’ll do the same.

Think about this for your business. Develop your signature talk, start using it online and offline and find partners to align yourself with.

In no time you’ll have a highly targeted list!

So let’s start focusing on where you can speak to build your list. Remember it’s not about the size, it’s about the quality. So take a moment to think of who you can align yourself with and how you can get in front of your audience right now. Start today and don’t wait!

In the comments below I’d love to hear from you what do you think of these strategies? How do you think you can apply them to your business?

Jeannie Spiro: Business Coach & Strategist

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