What to Do When Clients Aren’t Coming in Fast Enough…

Today I’d like to share how to bring more business in the door when the flow of clients isn’t happening fast enough.

There’s nothing worse than being great at what you do but not having enough people to pay you for it.

So how do you break free from the desperate feeling of needing clients but not having them? In today’s video I’m going to share with you 3 simple ways to flip that script.

Here a few things you can do to bring more clients in the door:

Stop Repelling Clients

Often times what you’re doing is causing clients to not work with you. From not being clear about your marketing message to not knowing how to have a sales conversation. The first thing you must do is look at how you may be pushing them away. Fix this and you’ll attract them far easier.

Try this, if you can tell your mother what you do (father or someone else you’re close to) and they understand, can repeat it back and tell someone else clearly what you do – then you’re in good shape. If you can’t, work on this right now.

Make Room for Clients

Whether it’s in your calendar, in your office or in your mind. You have to make room for clients to work with you. Take a look at where you’re blocking them right now.

Actively Ask for Business

Don’t sit back and wait for business to come, go out and get it. The only way you’ll get more clients is if you have sales conversations. Look at your calendar right now and make time to pick up the phone to have conversations with potential clients. Start asking for business!

In the comments below I’d love to hear how you’re blocking clients from working with you. Let me know, I’d love to help you get out of that space and flip that script for good.

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