Have you ever had a chance to speak and passed it up thinking it wasn’t nearly enough time to cover what you know?

Have you ever attended a networking event and the speaker didn’t show and the thought occurred to you, “Hmm, if I only had my presentation ready, I could jump in right now”.

As a business owner I believe you need to be ready to get in front of an audience at any time to promote and advertise your business. While most entrepreneurs focus on a long presentation and a short elevator speech, they’re neglecting the smaller speaking opportunities that can be equally as valuable and profitable.

Today I’d like to provide a few tips about to structure a shorter presentation.

Keep in mind, you’re always designing your presentations so that they’re accomplishing two things:

  1. Attracting your ideal client
  2. Offering a solution that helps them solve a challenge or problem they’re having

Once you’ve done that, you’ve then got to make sure that your signature talk is designed in a way that gets them to:

  1. Feel that you’re speaking directly to them (and their issue)
  2. Allows you to connect with them to develop like, know and trust
  3. Provides compelling content – value
  4. Makes an offer so that they can talk with you further about working together

How do you accomplish that in just 15 minutes or less? Simple – it’s just an overview of what you could talk about for days on end about your topic.

Here’s what you should do right now to get started:

  1. Take out a piece of paper and write down the answers to the following:
  2. What topic will I be speaking about?
  3. What problem am I addressing when I do that?
  4. Why should they believe that I’m an expert on this topic?
  5. What is it they need to know about this topic and why it’s so helpful?
  6. What’s the next step in the process and how can you invite them to learn more about it?

If you that’s all you cover in your talk, you’ve got a brief talk that gives value, allows them to see you as an expert and gives them an opportunity to talk to you about learning more from you.

What do you think? Are you ready to create a short talk? Let me know what you think below.

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Jeannie Spiro

is a Business Strategist specializing in helping heart-centered, lifestyle focused entrepreneurs grow and monetize their coaching or service-based business.
Jeannie Spiro
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