What I’d Do If I Had to Start My Business Again

April 21, 2017

I work with a lot of women entrepreneurs who come to me after having little success with trying to grow their business.

Many have been working on it for months or even years and have barely gained momentum, never mind come close to the financial goals they want or need to see.

They’re exhausted, stressed and have so much self doubt that they no longer feel they’re capable of building their business.

They’ve tried multiple coaching programs, worked with private coaches, purchased dozens of courses and have listened to more free webinars than they can remember.

And they’re truly just inches away from throwing in the towel for good.

So they reach out to me because they’ve come to learn that I’m the coach who can help them and they’re ready to give it one more try.

At first it used to feel like a tremendous amount of pressure.

What if I couldn’t help them?

What if they didn’t get the results they needed?

In time I stopped worrying about that, because I just operated from a place of teaching them all I knew about how to grow a business.

All I know about sales. All I know about speaking. All I know about attracting clients. All I know about growing a business online. All I know about making financial decisions and how to make consistent revenue in their own business.

What I started to do was teach them as if I were starting from scratch, exactly what I’d do if I were starting my business again.

And here’s what I began teaching and exactly what I’d do if I were going to start all over again with what I know now about getting to 6-figures..

What I’d Do In the First 30 Days of Starting My Business…

  1. Know My Ideal Client Better Than They Know Themselves: I would spend so much time interviewing, surveying and researching everything I could find out about my ideal client, that I’d know them so well I could write a book about them. Because in the end, there’s no way I could possibly offer them any service, program or offering – without knowing exactly what they need.
  2. Create Offers My Ideal Clients 100% Want: I’d then create value and results based offers that my clients will barely hesitate to buy. Offers that practically sell themselves and almost leave no room for getting “No’s” in my sales conversations.
  3. Design a Signature Talk and Start Speaking: I’d do this within weeks of starting my business and I’d look for places where my ideal client was hanging out, deliver a presentation designed specifically to attract and convert my ideal client.
  4. Tell Everyone I Knew I Was Open for Business: Here’s where most people go wrong, they don’t announce their business. How will anyone know about you if you’re not willing to tell them about what you do and who you work with? I’d get word out immediately and not stop until I told everyone I knew what I was up to and how I was serving others.
  5. Network Online and Offline: I’d begin finding online groups and get to know members and do the same in groups in my area. I’d make it a mission to build relationships with referral partners so we could help one another get word out about each other.
  6. Evaluate the Gaps In My Knowledge Base: When I started I had almost no working knowledge of online marketing, copywriting and very little tech ability. But I decided that THE most important things to spend my time and money on were, learning to be a better online marketer and mastering some basic copywriting skills. If you’re going to have any kind of business, you must learn how to communicate -verbally and in written form. (I still invest my resources in this today). So evaluate the gaps and add the skill sets you need as you grow.

In a future blog post I’ll be sharing what I wouldn’t do if I were starting my business again and how I’m sure it would have saved me thousands of dollars along the way.

Now I’d LOVE to hear from you. If you were starting your business again, what would you do differently? Let me know in the comments below.

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