The “Tough Love Talk” About Your Webinar (and why it didn’t fly)

March 3, 2016


No one showed up. No one bought my offer. No one asked for a sales conversation.

All things I hear from business owners attempting their first few webinars (and teleseminars). They did the work, created the presentation, did the promotion and they didn’t get a single sale or lead.

It’s disappointing, so disheartening and it makes you never want to do it again.

Now you’re stuck, you were banking on this bringing in more business this month and it didn’t. So now what do you do?

First, and this is extremely important – you can never rely on only one way to get business. It’s why I say you need to be working your “attract more clients machine” all the time.

Your webinar is just one part of the machine. Eventually when you get really great at doing them they can be your only form of marketing (if you so choose). But while you’re still working to grow your business you must have several marketing strategies in place to attract clients.

Warning: Tough Love – “Soap Boxy” Moment…

Before I give you the “tough love” about your webinar (or teleseminar), I’d like to give you some “tough love” about getting clients.

I cannot stress this enough – if you are sitting there right now and saying, “I just had the worst month, no clients, my bank account is low, I have nothing coming in” – then you must get out and start speaking. If it takes every ounce of strength you have to do it, you must pick up the phone, find a place that needs a speaker (where you know your niche will be) and tell them you have a presentation that their audience needs to hear. And if they say “No”, you keep dialing.

Hear me on this – you control the flow of your leads. You control your opportunities. If you want business you need to get out there and get it because bottom line, if you aren’t, your competition is doing it this very moment.

Speaking, in my opinion IS the fastest way to get business. Please don’t over think this, there are so many people doing it and many of the talks I’ve heard are awful. Yet they convert clients – “How is that” you ask? Because they know the secrets I’m revealing below.

End of Soap Box Moment 😉

The reason I bring that up is because if one thing doesn’t work, you need a fall back plan. So when your first few webinars are building momentum you’ve got several other ways to bring in business.

Now let’s get back to your webinar, the “tough love” you need to hear and the reason it didn’t fly.

Why Most Webinars Don’t “Fly”:

  1. They don’t address a a top of mind Issue or Challenge: You’ve got to be talking about a topic your audience wants an answer to or is interested in hearing more about.
  2. Not rich in content: Listen, if I’m going to take time out to listen to a presentation, I want to learn something. You’ve got to give me some value. Otherwise I’m not going to tune in and I’m certainly not going to buy. Give them some juicy content that makes them say, “Wow, this was so valuable”, not “Wow, that was a huge waste of time”.
  3. Not getting them to “YES”: Your webinar must get your listener to a “Yes”. You’ve got to get thinking you’re the solution, your offer is what they need and now is the time. It’s up to you to paint that picture for them and show them why they need to solve their problem to get what they want. Showing them and telling them your offer is one piece. Making them want it is another.

Here’s What You Need to Do Next:

  1. Do it again. If it didn’t work the way you wanted then do it again.
  2. Make sure you have created a Killer Signature Talk
  3. Know your “Dream” client and what they are really hungry for right now
  4. Have a Rock Solid Offer (and show them why they need it)
  5. Get out there and practice your talk live. BOOK a presentation and do it in your backyard.
  6. Get feedback on your talk. This is something I do with all of my private clients and those in my Expansion Coaching Club. You have to know if your talk will convert or collapse.

“Ask Me Anything”:

In the comments below what would you like to know about how to attract more clients from speaking? From hosting teleseminars, webinars or workshops? Fire away – I’m happy to help!


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