The Secret to Getting 15 Sales Conversations in 30 MinutesI hear this constantly, “Jeannie, I love what I do but I don’t have enough clients”.

It’s usually the first thing a coach or consultant tells me during a sales conversation and I can hear the total frustration in their voice.

“I’m doing everything. In fact I’ve spent the past year in a coaching program doing a lot of “busy work” and trying every strategy in the book only to be not making money because I can’t figure out how to get clients, what am I doing wrong?”

This truly breaks my heart. Amazing business owners who’s confidence is next to nothing because they can’t figure out how to market their business.

So I ask them, “How would it feel if you never had to feel that way again? If worrying about getting clients was a thing of the past?”

And they often say, “Yes, I’d love that. How can I have that happen?”

“Simple”, I say “We need to design your Signature Talk!”

If you’re not sure what I mean by a signature talk, it’s a presentation you use showcasing your expertise, that addresses the problem your ideal client is having and is crafted in such a way that when they hear it they want to take the next step with you. Essentially it’s a tool you use to attract clients.

Imagine this for a moment, you’ve got 30 minutes in front of your most ideal clients. People you’d love to work with and know you can help.

They’re all gathered in a room primed and ready to hear your topic, the very thing they’re struggling with and they want nothing more than to hear what you say.

You deliver your talk. It’s spot on and wows the audience and when you’re done speaking, almost everyone in the room rushes to you with their sign up forms excited and eager to have a sales conversation with you.

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12400512_10206637980481881_5496389152613190491_nIt’s like what happened with my client Liz who is an expert at what she does and was looking for a more leveraged way to reach more people.

She sent me this text after delivering her signature talk that we designed together, she caused a stampede of her ideal clients running with their forms asking to speak with her about have a sales conversation with her. Basically her ideal clients were raising their hands and saying, “Yes, Liz I’d love your help!” and as a result she closed 56% of the room.

It’s an amazing feeling, something I love experiencing and my clients do as well. Like another client who spoke for 30 minutes this week and walked away with 15 out of 30 possible sign up form for sales conversations.

There is truly nothing better than the feeling of knowing that one tool like your signature talk can help you have control of the flow of the clients coming into your business.

So you may be wondering how this can look for you and exactly how to get started.

Let me break it down for you now.

It all starts with designing your signature talk around your expertise and in your talk you address the pain point your ideal client has. You simply show them your solution and make an offer to help them resolve it. And that’s when you offer them a sales conversation to talk to you further.

But there’s a secret to this system and strategy and it’s that you must know how to design a client-converting talk. It can’t be just any ole talk, it must be designed in a way that gets them running to the back (or front of the room) to talk to you, to want to work with you.

How you start is you uncover your client’s biggest pain point. What is the problem they’re struggling with that’s keeping them up at night?

They need YOU to give them that solution and they need YOU to find them so they can know you can help them. And the fastest way I know how to do that is to get out there and start speaking right now.

Okay, so that is in a nutshell how you get 15 sales conversations in 30 minutes. You do it through your signature talk.

I’d love to hear what more you’d like to know about how to do it, so please feel free to comment below and let me know your questions. Can’t wait to hear them!

(And if you feel you’d like some help learning how to attract more clients every time you speak, then click here to schedule a complimentary Business Breakthrough Session and we’ll schedule a time to chat!)



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  1. That’s awesome, Jeannie! I’m currently doing Amy Porterfield’s Webinars That Convert, and was trying to figure out how to apply it to my coaching program, which I only offer 3 times a year, for a certain number of participants, and in which I want to be able to screen participants. You just gave me my strategy for it!

    Thank you so much!

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