The MUST Do Tasks To Move Your Business Forward

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Before every client session I ask my clients to send a progress update. In order to fully support them I need to know where they are and what they’ve accomplished since our last call.

Sometimes I read their updates and cringe. How is it they haven’t accomplished what we discussed since our last call?

As a coach I want the very best outcomes for my clients so when I see them not progressing I immediately tune in to get a finger on the pulse.

Typically what I find for the reason they aren’t progressing is confusion, overwhelm or not willing to make necessary investments in running their business.

The confusion tends to come from not having run a business before and just not knowing what to do. It’s usually an easy fix once they give in to knowing that they’re not expected to know everything and need to trust someone else’s expertise to get them to where they want to go.

Confusion is the easiest one to fix. Especially when working with a mentor who can easily break things down.

When an entrepreneur isn’t moving their business forward because they aren’t willing to make necessary investments it’s going to cause them to have to do everything themselves.

Typically this becomes a problem because they are working on things they shouldn’t spend their time on. Things they’re not qualified to do and take too much time for them to do.

A perfect example of this is Jane who’s a Life Coach. Jane’s in her 40’s and isn’t tech savvy yet she spends her time coding her newsletter to send out. She wastes 4 hours a week doing it vs. that same time where she can be working on getting a client.

The best way to remedy this situation is for Jane to get help.

If Jane were to hire a Virtual Assistant to take on this task and all of the other tasks she isn’t capable of handling she’d free up her time and be able to work on getting clients or selling her products and programs.

The last reason entrepreneurs aren’t moving their business forward is because of overwhelm.

This problem manifests in total frustration and not knowing what to do every day.

Often times these individuals find they have so much to do yet they do nothing.

The main way I remedy this is to provide them with a plan to get their marketing done and a system to follow to bring in their revenue.

Here’s how a system for marketing and revenue generation can help:

  1. It takes the confusion away and overwhelm away
  2. It systematizes how you’re going to attract clients
  3. It systematizes what you need to do to move your business forward
  4. It allows you to focus on revenue generating tasks

When you have a system and or plan to follow you can get up every day knowing that you’re doing what it takes to move your business forward.

Every year I host my annual Money and Marketing Virtual Planning Retreat to help entrepreneurs create systems for their marketing and a plan to make the money without feeling overwhelming in the process.

If you’re currently feeling like you’re not moving forward and are either overwhelmed, confused or knowing you need to start delegating more, then come join me for The Money and Marketing Virtual Planning Workshop. It’s all online and we start December 10th – perfect for wrapping up the year and starting the next with a whole new way of running your business.

To learn more about the Workshop click here.

Your Turn: What seems to be getting in the way of you moving your business forward? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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