The BEST and WORST Time to Start a Podcast

Did you know I used to have a podcast?

I sure did, with my dear friend Kerry.

We started a business and did “the things” most new business owners do when they start a business.

We invested in branding, photos, a professional video for our website – you know, all of it.

Then we decided to start a podcast.

So we did that. Meanwhile, we weren't making much money and for all the time we were putting into our podcast, we barely built our list.

After a while we decided to fold up our business (the podcast too) and went off to grow our businesses separately.

Today we're still really great friends, but do you know what happened after we closed our business?

Neither of us started a new podcast and we both created very successful businesses soon after.

When it comes to podcasting, it's taught me a few things…

  1. Don't start a podcast until you've got a business that's making money (try to be over 6-figures when you start).
  2. Be a podcast guest until you are.

And here's why…

…most emerging coaches are doing 1,000 different things to grow their business, except the most important things. Only focusing on…

…attracting clients AND converting them.

There's this constant thought that you're supposed to be doing more.

It's actually not the case.

You're supposed to be doing the right things.

Starting a podcast before you have a full schedule of clients and are ready to leverage that into your next stream of income isn't necessarily the right time either.

The right time is when you've already created consistency and leverage in your business.

Then go ahead and start your podcast.

But be sure you have a good team to support you when you do.

So if you're an emerging coach – just focus on getting clients, ok?

Oh and here's a little secret…see the picture of me above?

I'm launching my podcast in a few weeks.

I've reached a stage of business where I can focus on this and know that I have leveraged income coming into my business.

What's the podcast about you ask?

Well…if you're a woman coach (or client-based business owner and you happen to be 40 or above…

…then this is the podcast for you.

Okay, so here's my question for you today.

Tell me ONE thing you need to stop doing that isn't helping you grow your business? 

I'd love to hear.

Thanks for reading – can't wait to have you tune into the podcast soon.



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