The Beginner’s Guide to Hosting Live Events – Part 2

August 17, 2017

If you’re just joining me for this series, this is part two of a series. In Part One I revealed that the first step to hosting an event is to Validate Your Event. This is where you’ll confirm that you have an event that guests will want to attend. Skipping this step can mean that you’ll have an empty event and potentially take a large financial hit. If you haven’t done this step or reviewed the Part One, make sure to check out the first post here.

Okay, now let’s move along to the second step in the process. Now that you’ve taken the steps to Validate Your Event, you can begin the actual construction of your event. Here’s where you’re going to move out of the research mode and into the creation and planning stage.

Validating the Date, Time and Location of Your Event

It’s time to commit to hosting your event. At this stage you don’t have to have an official name or even know the content of your event, you’re simply going to secure the date, time and location of your event.

With this being your first event, you may want to keep costs down and choose not to hire an Event Planner. In the event that you do, make sure you find someone who has experience with entrepreneurial events.

If your first event is smaller (let’s say 30 or less people), you have a smaller budget and you can allocate some of your time and possibly that of your existing team (Virtual Assistant). You can quite easily handle most of the planning details. Just know that there are a lot of details that require reviewing with a fine tooth comb.

Although I’m not an event planner, I’ve hosted my share of events and have coached dozens of clients with hosting their own. While you’re going through the process of selecting your event location, there are several things you will want to take into consideration. Here’s a list of some questions to ask and or things to consider while you’re making your choice:

Questions to Consider for Your Event Location:

  1. Is it important for my event location to be near a major airport, bus or train station?
  2. Does the location have access to hotel rooms or is it a separate event space?
  3. If it’s a separate event space, will there be a shuttle to and from the event?
  4. How do I want the room set up? (U – shaped, Classroom style, half rounds)
  5. Will I offer meals? Continental breakfast only? An afternoon snack? Or coffee, tea and water all day?
  6. Will I be having sponsors and want extra meeting room space to accommodate them?
  7. What will be the specific times of the event?
  8. Will I need A/V – a projector, screen, microphones?
  9. Will I offer a room block for guests or will they get their rooms without a courtesy block?
  10. Does my event fall on or near a holiday or event I need to be concerned with?

I recommend that you know most of these answers before you pick up the phone and or start emailing locations. Once you know this information you can begin contacting event spaces.

Organizing Event Information

Choosing your event location can get a little confusing, especially if you’re making a lot of calls and sending out several emails. The best way I’ve found to organize this is to create an Asana board to organize menus and contracts as well as a Google Spreadsheet so that I can keep track of the following:

  • Location contact person, email and phone number
  • Location details (size of room, whether it has windows, etc.)
  • Location – event room costs
  • Location – A/V costs and details
  • Location – hotel room rentals
  • Location – miscellaneous policies

Gathering all of this information allows me to then make a decision on the specific location. An additional note I suggest here is to make sure that once you decide on the contract you will thoroughly review all details prior to signature. Ask another team member to review it as well. It’s easy to miss something in all the planning.

Okay, so that should give you a good idea of what you need to know and begin doing to find a location for your event. I’ve found my current event location for my upcoming November 9-10th, 2017 event, CLIENT CONVERSION LIVE!  to meet all of my requirements and must haves. It’s great going into it knowing what you like!

Your next steps

What are some of the must haves you feel you need on your list for your event location? What’s important to you? Also, what questions do you have when it comes to what you need to do to host a live event or workshop? Let me know in the comments below so I can answer them in an upcoming post.

Stay tuned for the next post – I’ll be back with another step of the process for you.

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