The 3 Strategies You Should Be Using to Get More Clients

January 5, 2019


I’ve been helping my clients narrow down their marketing to focus specifically on the three most effective marketing strategies to get more clients. In this post I’m going to share what they are, why you need to seriously consider using them and how to choose which one to focus on first.

One thing to keep in mind is that there’s a big difference between what I like to call nurture marketing strategies and one to many marketing strategies. In today’s post I’m covering the one to many marketing strategies but before I do, I need to touch on nurture marketing, what it is and where it belongs in your business.

For a long time I focused more on nurture marketing vs. one to many marketing. Nurture marketing is mainly social media and content marketing. Both are absolutely essential to develop the like, know and trust and positioning you and your business – but unless used strategically, they’re not typically as quick to generate leads.

That’s why I like to tell my clients that if they need clients then they need to focus on one to many marketing strategies. 

The BIG three one to many marketing strategies are speaking, webinars and events or workshops. 

So let’s tackle each.

Strategy #1: Speaking

When you have a signature talk and use it to attract clients you can generate multiple leads at one time. I love this strategy because all it requires is having an impactful and persuasive presentation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re newer or business or further along, speaking works.

My clients who are speaking are focusing on booking one speaking engagement per month.

Take Deborah, one of my clients. Her current focus for her business is to gain three long term clients. She recently developed her signature talk using my formula, delivered it to a small group, gained three leads and secured one client. She’s ready to book her next talk.

Speaking is perfect for anyone who wants more clients and requires nothing other than developing your signature talk and securing speaking engagements.

Strategy #2: Webinars

Webinars are also a great way to generate multiple leads and turn them into sales conversations.

Webinars do require more tech ability, using a registration page, mailing list and webinar software among other things so if you’re not confident putting one together I highly recommend hiring a virtual assistant to help you.

But one of the biggest reasons I recommend this strategy is because you can take your same signature talk and modify it using my webinar formula and offer it weekly, monthly or evergreen it to gain leads.

Strategy #3: Events and Workshops

This strategy has become one of my favorite ways to gain clients and it’s something I recommend to all of my clients. These can be done as 2 or 4 hour events or Full Day or 2-3 day events. Using my workshop and event formula my private and Scale to Six Mastermind clients are generating thousands of dollars at a time.

One of my clients in the Scale to Six Mastermind, Michelle just hosted her first one day workshop and generated over $18,000. Another client Kelly doubled that in a 2 day workshop and another client hosted her first 2 day workshop and generated over $100,000. 

Yes there’s planning and strategy that goes into it – but hosting an event can be extremely profitable and can help you bring in all the clients you need.

So the thing you want to think about as you’re choosing your strategy is which one do you want to start with? My recommendation is that you start with the one that’s going to generate leads and clients the fastest. But don’t just stop at one strategy – plan to add a few into your marketing plan this year and watch your business grow!

Okay, so let me know below – which one are you going to start with? 

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