The #1 reason webinars fail to convert

There’s no better time than now to have an online business.

You’ve got a choice of a variety of social media platforms, blogs, podcasts, webinars and teleseminars to help you attract more business.

As confusing as it can be to figure out which to use and how to share your content, webinars and teleseminars are by far my absolute favorite business growth.

Not only is it a great way to share your message but it’s the perfect way to attract clients and make money with your online courses and programs.

But hosting a webinar or teleseminar can be a total time, energy and money suck if you don’t do them right.

I’ve had many clients who before working with me, invested months of their time and thousands of dollars on a webinar launch to sell their courses, come up virtually empty with their sales.

There’s almost nothing more devastating…believe me I know.

So what’s the main reason webinars fail to convert?

Quite simply… a signature talk that does not convert.

Think about it this way.

Remember when you were back in school and you had certain teachers who were dry and bored you to tears?

You probably dozed off in those classes right?

What about the teachers who were animated, got to their point quickly and made it really easy for you to understand what they were teaching?

I bet you were excited to go to those classes, felt actively engaged and got great grades too.

Think about this now in the world of webinars and teleseminars.

How many have you listened to where you’ve dozed off, lost interest or left early?

How many have you felt engaged, actively listened and even made a purchase?

I want you to think about this for your own business for a second. How can you captivate your audience so they’re compelled to buy?

You’ve got to do that through a client-converting signature talk.

You’ve got to seriously think about this before you design your next webinar or teleseminar.

Sure, maybe your online course or program is off the charts amazing, but if your webinar or teleseminar sucks then no one is going to buy the course.

So the main reason why many webinars fail to convert is because most business owners don’t design and deliver a client-converting Signature Talk.

Plain and simple, they deliver too much content, over deliver in information and often give out so much information that the listener feels either overwhelm or satisfied that they don’t need anything more.

The key to a webinar that converts is to create just the right formula of content, engagement and connectivity to your offer.

Before you host your next webinar or teleseminar make sure you’ve got a winning talk. There’s no need to give away everything you know, remember it’s a preview of what you do and an introduction to your program.

The more overteaching and over delivery the less likely you will have sales.

Now I’d LOVE to hear from you. What’s your greatest challenge with designing a webinar or teleseminar that converts? Let me know in the comments below.

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