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From other coaches and service-based business owners.

Since working with Jeannie I’ve had the most successful Q3 that I’ve had in my 8 years in business.

SHAWON DAVIS | Photographer

I took my business to 6-figures the first year of working with Jeannie

BRYNA HAYNES, Founder & CEO World Changers Media

“I’ve doubled sign ups from sales conversations. Doubled my conversion rates and am clear on my business model.”

Before working with Jeannie I had lackluster signups for sales conversations, low conversion rates from sales calls and no idea how to structure & market a webinar.

Since working with Jeannie, I’ve doubled signups for sales conversations. Doubled my conversation rate from sales calls. Created a strong webinar with a solid marketing approach.

Working with Jeannie has helped me to become crystal clear on my business model and sales funnel, and my signature talk and webinar have both improved tremendously throughout the course of the coaching process. I recommend working with Jeannie to service professionals looking to book high paying clients through public speaking, and/or creating a strong online presence through webinar trainings. Jeannie models great integrity and she provides amazing value at every turn!

JEANY PARK, Boutique Videography Agency Owner

“I did a $40K Event”

I wanted to have a live event, but I had no idea how to invite, charge or set up a 2-day event to be successful – for both them and me. My first event we had 9 people. Year 2 we had 23 and I enrolled 8 people into my year long mastermind. I was shocked and excited when we did the post event numbers – I got to say “I did a 40K event!”

KELLY SCHAEFER, Creator of The Concierge Academy


In two speaking engagements, I closed over 56% of the room and got 45 awesome leads! HOLY SHIFT!!!!! They literally ran to the front of the room to give me their sign up forms!!!!

I screamed waving them around – ‘I caught the bouquet!!!!!!!’”

LIZ DEDERER, Sales & Money Coach

“I grew my business by 80% and landed my first 250 person speaking gig!”

“I had no strategy, I was that client who really thought that I could just have a website and the clients would come. Finding my voice was also difficult, let’s face it, the online arena in business is a loud place to be and I needed to find ways to stand out that were authentic, but I was struggling to find my way.

Creating a signature talk prompted me to apply for speaking opportunities that I would not have done previously. Because of this I applied for and was accepted to be 1 out of 11 speakers at a conference for 250 women entrepreneurs. I was chosen out of 100 applicants. I know with my talk it is an opportunity to get new clients and be seen in a new way.

I now have a plan to get in front of my ideal clients, speaking in its many forms is that way. Webinars, speaking at networking groups, podcast interviews, conferences all provide me with an opportunity to have a sales conversation with many people at once so that my perfect clients seek me out. I have more confidence to have the individual conversations because I know that they have already pre-selected themselves.

I have enjoyed getting to know a group of amazing people who are also building their businesses. I never imagined when I had my first call with you that I would be saying yes to YOU and a support system that is crucial to my success. I have become friends with the people in the program and to my surprise have found business besties I know will be in my corner for years to come. I am thankful to have a coach who is patient, committed and real.

I interviewed several business coaches before I met you, and I did not feel connected to them. I am so thankful that I was given your name because I knew immediately that you were my coach. The proof is that you have not been able to get rid of me yet!” 🙂

NICOLE LEWIS-KEEBER, Therapist, Speaker, Money and Mindset Expert,
and Creator of the “Love Your Business System”

“My business grew ten-fold!”

“When I enrolled I was looking to streamline my offers for my coaching business. I had been dreaming about offering a live event, but had never moved forward with it or knew how it would fit into my business. After working with Jeannie and using her process to fill my programs with events, my business grew ten-fold!”

CARYL MIX, Life Coach

“I got 5 new clients and started closing 75% of my sales conversations…”

“When I decided to re-brand my business I felt overwhelmed and a bit frustrated at “starting over.” Jeannie coached me to do a few simple steps that completely skyrocketed my business. Suddenly I had 5 new clients, a rock-solid business plan and hit my income goals the very first month! Jeannie’s strategy of finding clients through speaking is spot-on and works every time. Whether I am speaking locally or on a teleseminar, my ideal client is finding me and converting easily into my coaching programs.

In fact, I keep asking her if I need to do more. She says, “business doesn’t have to be hard” and for the first time in 6 years, I am finding she is right! Run as fast as you can to hear Jeannie’s steps on how you can get more clients through speaking.”

DONNA ASHTON, Online Course Building Expert

“8 people enrolled in my new group program!”

“I have a program with 8 people enrolled and a strategy for continuing to grow and market enrollment. I have much bigger goals than where we are currently (and I’ve never done this before!) but I feel like my goals are so achievable because I have a framework and strategy to work from that came from our time together.”

NICOLE MORONG, Certified Financial Planner

“Within two of weeks of starting the program, my first workshop using Jeannie’s techniques yielded great results!”

“Before I enrolled in Jeannie’s program I was struggling to bring in clients and was beginning to doubt that I could really make a go of my business. I knew I needed to be talking to more potential clients, but I didn’t know how to find them. I had tried to create a signature talk a couple of times before, but with little success; I felt overwhelmed, and knew I needed more support to make it happen. Serendipitously, within a few days of realizing this, Jeannie’s program came along.

Within two of weeks of starting the program, my first workshop using Jeannie’s techniques yielded great results! There were 15 attendees at the workshop, 11 joined my email list, 8 of them requested conversations with me, and I booked two terrific clients. I had similar results from my next workshop and presentation, and am now excited to schedule workshops for the months ahead.

I’m so grateful to finally have a simple, usable system to grow my business that actually works and feels so authentic. (An unexpected bonus of this program is that you end up feeling more generous and less salesy because of the way Jeannie teaches you to structure your talk!) I highly recommend this program to entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling to build a client base. You’ll be so glad you made the investment!”

BETH FREDE, Intuitive Artist and Life/Business Coach at Creative Revelations

“I have landed the biggest clients I have ever had!”

I have already given this presentation 4 times, created and launched the new program and made over $10K on the launch.

Here is what really happened, the floodgates opened, I learned where I was stepping on my own toes and have stopped. I am getting standing ovations when I give this new version of my talk, I have landed the biggest clients I have ever had, I have booked paid speaking engagements.

Jeannie’s process is simply amazing, I had an established business, great programs and services, fantastic testimonials and results, but something was off, not any more, Jeannie turned the dial just a little bit and everything has rapidly changed. If you have the opportunity to attend her events, join her programs or outright hire her JUMP. Then come and connect with me on social media and let me know how you are doing….

DONNA CRAVOTTA, CEO, Social Visibility Expert

“I’ve got a comprehensive marketing strategy and business plan!”

“When I first met Jeannie, I was just starting my coaching business. I had no idea where to begin. I needed to define a target market, refine my message, communicate my offerings and develop a business plan. Jeannie provided support and strategies for all of the steps to start a successful business. Not only that, she provided a warm and supportive space for a group of entrepreneurs to work together and support one another in developing successful businesses.

Since beginning my work with Jeannie, I have developed a strategy for organizing my services/offerings, communicating my services more effectively as well as a comprehensive marketing strategy and business plan.

I highly recommend Jeannie for people who are interested in learning all of the steps necessary to establish a successful business.”

CATHERINE HAYES, Catherine Hayes Coaching & Consulting

“30 new subscribers and 2 consultations after my second talk!”

“With Jeannie’s help, I finally figured out how to speak to women and inspire them to sign up for my lead magnet and consultations. My first attempt at speaking was a good experience but failed to produce any interest. I studied her speaking resources and we spent a lot of time talking about how to improve my 2nd talk. And it worked! As a result of her guidance, I went from 0 signups on my first talk, to 30 new subscribers on my email list and 2 consultations after my second talk!”

HEIDI NORMANDIN, Health Freedom Coach

“At a gathering of 25 women entrepreneurs, 15 signed up for complimentary sessions with me!”

I’ve always been passionate about public speaking and using my voice to empower women entrepreneurs to work better, not harder or longer. Before working with Jeannie, I was giving talks without structure or clear calls to action. With her guidance, I was able to create a signature talk that aligned with my mission and gave the audience a taste of my expertise and wisdom.

At a recent talk to a gathering of 25 women entrepreneurs, 15 signed up for complimentary sessions with me. I’m deeply grateful for Jeannie’s nurturing energy and expert insights that bring out the best in coaches like me.”

PUJA MADAN, Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Speaker

“I’m selling to over 40% of the room!”

Before working with Jeannie I was not marketing my speaking well and when I did present, I would connect to the groups but not sell well. Since working with Jeannie, I am excited and motivated to promote my speaking. I am a far more effective presenter and am selling to over 40% of the room. The connection is deeper and stronger. Clients are self-selecting and I am selling to ideal clients.”

DENISE ALLAN, Certified Professional Organizer at Simplify Experts

“I now have coaching programs, clients and speaking opportunities!”

“Since working with Jeannie…I now am clear on who I am here to serve and the specific ways to do so, have created online courses and coaching programs, am speaking to groups, and I am a #1 Amazon Bestseller.”

DUMARI ST. ANGELO, Empowerment Coach

“I have paying clients and a new found confidence”

“I still remember picking up the phone to call Jeannie the first time, my hand was shaking. I felt I had a lot riding on that call. Jeannie had been recommended to me by a colleague who thought she may be able to help me create my business while I was working full time.

Since working with Jeannie, I’ve now got all the components a coaching business- including a website, a marketing strategy that works for me, and a clearly identified niche! I have coaching packages that fit my strengths and my clients needs, I’m signing on new clients weekly using the marketing strategies we discussed. The best thing? I have paying clients and a new found confidence in what I’ve built with Jeannie as a sounding board! In fact, I feel my confidence is my greatest asset in my business! I no longer fear the future and enjoy the challenge my business provides me.

I recently joined Jeannie’s Mastermind because I can only image how my collaboration with other talented business women will take me further down a path I haven’t even imagined yet. I’m so thankful I get this chance to thank Jeannie for all she has done to support my growth as a business woman and encourage others who are looking to grow their business to trust Jeannie with their dreams, too. Thanks, Jeannie!”

DESHAWN WERT, ADHD Coach & Consultant