Should You Add Another Revenue Stream to Your Business?

I cannot even tell you how often I'm asked this question by clients.

“Jeannie, when's the best time to add another revenue stream to my business?”

Today I'm going to tackle this question.

So if you're wondering what your revenue streams should look like and if now's the time to add another, take a few minutes to check out this video:

I'm curious, tell me where you get stuck when it comes to figuring out your revenue streams? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you're needing support with developing your revenue streams and aren't sure what to create, let's connect. Schedule a complimentary session where we'll discuss where you can narrow down your most profitable revenue streams. Click here to schedule a session. 

4 thoughts on “Should You Add Another Revenue Stream to Your Business?”

  1. So helpful to hear packages are the way to go. After five years, I’m offering extended coaching packages and piloting a group. It took thought and planning, and I realize the value of learning my craft before spreading myself too thin.
    Great ideas!

  2. 1:1 is burning me out emotionally. I know you suggest filling a 1:1 practice first before trying anything else, but what if that model isn’t ideal for someone?

    1. It’s entirely possible that you’re not meant to work with clients 1:1. Not everyone wants to or wants their business model set up that way. I think knowing this then allows for you to consider what you want your business model to look like. Some people know that revenue generation is most important to them right now – since I know that’s a faster approach to revenue, I always recommend that. For those who don’t want to work with clients 1:1, I suggest considering other ways that they can build their business. So maybe knowing that 1:1 isn’t right for you is the next step in determining the business model you do want.

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