Reinvent Yourself

Today's the anniversary of my first ever business client agreeing to work with me!

It was 10 years ago and I was a Health Coach at the time.

I had no idea that I'd eventually morph into a Business Coach or that I'd have several niches along the way…

But today – even as I write this, I'm morphing again.

And that's the beautiful thing about having your own business. You can reinvent it- especially when you see that it's time for a pivot.

These last few months have meant that for many of us.

Some of us have done so because we knew it was time for a change. Others knew it was time because of our current circumstances.

Either way – reinventing yourself in business can be a rather wonderful thing.

Whether you're reinventing because you have to or want to –¬†CLICK HERE to tune into this interview¬†with me and Sensei Victoria Whitfield on her Journeypreneur Podcast.

PS: Are you a woman in business who's ready for your own reinvention? Have you found it's time to pivot in your business – whether it's a new direction, a time to focus on someone else you love or a revenue stream that you'd like to monetize?

Let's schedule a chat and discuss what's next and best for you and your business. Click here to schedule a conversation.

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