Puppies + a 2015 Kickstart for you…

Puppies and Kids!

May I be one of the first to say Happy New Year to you!

I hope you're off to a truly spectacular 2015!

We celebrated at home with three courses of fondue, a beautiful beach walk and a visit from one of my best entrepreneurial friends, Laura Clark and her 10 week old puppies. Aren't they the cutest?Now Ethan and Abby want one!!

Before we head out to see the new Hunger Games movie and grab lunch, I wanted to share something special I put together for you.

It's called The 6-Figure Speaking Formula, a Free audio giving you the step-by-step system I used to create my 6-figure business through speaking.

To get your free copy of audio simply take this quick survey about how you can use speaking to get clients and sell your services.

Would love it if you would take a quick minute to fill it out:

Take the quick survey right here

Thanks so much and have a wonderful start to 2015!! (I'll be back next week with some all new strategies to help you secure more business, clients and revenue this year!!)


P.S. When you take the survey you'll get access to my 6-Figure Speaking Formula audio. It's super quick! Will you take it here? Take the quick survey right here

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