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Getting Clients Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Not long ago I was in my corporate job wrestling with what I wanted to be and do when I grew up, when a life changing decision made me realize I needed to take action. 

Knowing time wasn't on my side I decided to take what I know and do and start speaking online. 

I spoke everywhere I could - teleseminars, webinars, telesummits, podcasts and I even hosted my own.

And a funny thing list grew, I started getting clients and I was filling my practice.

Before long I was teaching other people how to design talks that sell too. 

And within 24 months I quit my job and haven't looked back.

What I know about speaking is that it can allow you to impact more people while profiting from it at the same time.

But let me be clear - I'm not talking about being a PAID KEYNOTE speaker, I'm talking about you designing a talk that let's you sell your expertise in the form of your services, products, courses, books and more.

And the great thing about this process is that it's efficient, simple and proven.

I teach the very thing I've done over and over again for years to create a 6-figure business so there's no fluff or theory here - it's all proven and I know if I can do it then you can too. 


Here's What  Others Have to Say...

"I have had more speaking opportunities and sales conversations than ever before in my business"

Kari Yasi

Wellness Warrior,  

"Thanks to Jeannie's strategies, I've been using  teleseminars consistently, which has resulted so far in my list growing seven-fold. I also successfully launched my first program, which brought in thousands in revenue!"

Gayle Nowak

The Story Stylist,

Here's Exactly What You'll Receive in  

  • MODULE 1: Monetize Your Offer where you'll how to design the most effective offers to sell from your talk and how to package and price your offers that can't be resisted
  • MODULE 2: Design Your Talk where you'll learn how to come up with a hooky title for your talk, exactly how to come up with content that compells and sells, the flow of your talk, when to make your offer and exactly how to close the room and or your online talks
  • MODULE 3: Find and Secure Your Gigs where you'll learn exactly where the best places are to use your signature talk online and offline, how to easily secure gigs, how to host your own, how to leverage colleagues, Joint Venture partners and strategic alliances and what to provide when you get the gig 
  • MODULE 4: Deliver Your Talk where you'll learn how to prep for your talk, what materials to provide, how to keep your audience interested, the easiest way to close the sale from your talk and what to do to manage the room or virtual audience to deepen the connection and secure the sale, how to deliver your talk and close the sale
  • MODULE 5: Convert Conversations and Sales where you'll learn how to "sell" your Sales Conversations from your talks, the easiest way to get attendees to apply for a session with you and what to provide to get them on your mailing list so you can continue the connection
  • BONUS 1: Using Social Media to Secure Speaking Gigs with Donna Cravotta, where she shares exactly how to find opportunities online.
  • BONUS 2: Getting Gigs in Your Backyard with Jan Maresh, where she will share how to get speaking opportunities live, in associations, workshops and in your local community 
  • BONUS 3: Elevate Your Business with Podcasts: Secrets to Getting Booked with Jessica Rhodes, where she will show you how to land speaking opportunities with podcasts
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY where you can connect, get support and collaborate so you can design your talk and start getting it out to the world
  • TEMPLATES, SCRIPTS and FORMS to help simplifying the process and design your talk, get booked and close the sale  
  • MEMBER PORTAL where you'll have access to all of the trainings to go through at your leisure...over and over again

We start February 25th..Are you in?

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No Worries. My Program Comes with a...

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If after 30 days you are not able to use this system to attract clients, book gigs and share your message with those who you most want to serve, then send us an email. We'll ask you to provide answers to show you've at least attempted to try this system and provide a full refund if it doesn't appear as though it can work for you. 

I look forward to helping you design, sell and profit from your Signature Talk!

Jeannie Spiro