One Speech Generated 5 Figures In 7 Days

May 18, 2019

One Speech Generated 5 Figures in 7 Days

Sometimes one of the hardest things I deal with as a mentor is when a client stops listening.

I know I’ve been guilty of it. Maybe you have too.

It happened recently with a client who’d been working with me to grow and monetize their coaching business.

After following all of my advice, they went from almost no business and clients – to generating 5 figures in just a few weeks.

Their business started to take off and 5 figure months became the norm.

Wanting to make sure my client developed a steady flow of clients, I encouraged them to stay on top of their marketing by speaking as often as possible to generate leads and future clients.

They didn’t.

And in a few months when the clients started to phase out, my client starting spiraling downward. Applying random strategies. Adding in untested offers and stressing because nothing seemed to be working.

You need to secure a speaking engagement!”, I said. “We’ve got to get your signature talk freshened up so you’re ready to get out and get more clients!”

So in our next call we spent it making sure that their signature talk and coaching offers were in complete alignment.

Shortly thereafter my client gave a 60 minute presentation with an offer to have a conversation with them. In less than 7 days my client turned that one speech into over $15,000 in business.

They followed the exact steps of my Client Converting Talks program and in a few days completely turned their business around.

Here’s what I want you to take away from this story…

  1. If you’re struggling to get clients right now, there’s an easy way to overcome it. Secure a speaking engagement and follow my simple 3 step Client Converting Talks process to monetize your offer, attract clients through speaking and convert them.
  2. Always be marketing. Even when your business gets full, you’ve got to make sure you never stop marketing.
  3. You DON’T need a complicated business model to make money. This is where everyone gets into trouble, the more complicated your business model, the harder it’s going to be to monetize it. Keep things simple –  you only need one or two offers to make 6, multiple 6 or 7 figures!

Okay, that’s if for today. Now I’d love to hear from you. How are you keeping your marketing going so you have business consistently coming your way? Let me know in the comments below. 

For more in-depth information about the top 3 ways to use speaking to generate income, I’ve created The Ultimate Speaking Lead Generation Starter Guide. It will help you determine which lead generation machine is right for you, along with some case studies that inspire. It includes a topic checklist to help you hone in on your talk title and some mindset exercises to prime you for speaking. Get your copy of the guide here and you’ll be on your way to building your business through speaking!

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