My Personal Wellness Journey to Releasing Weight, Gaining Energy and Thriving In Business

My Personal Wellness Journey to Releasing Weight, Gaining Energy and Thriving In Business

It’s been over 10 years since I started my coaching business and without hesitation I can say that every year it’s gotten harder and harder to battle the bulge.

Was it too much to grow a business at midlife? 

I often wondered if I was taking too much on.

Like most business owners I know, growing a business sometimes takes a toll on other areas of your life.

I found that to be true the more my business grew and discovered it harder to manage my weight, time and energy.

Every year that passed, I gained more and more weight. The funny thing was that I kept reaching new wonderful business milestones along the way.

Hosting annual events allowed me to keep my weight in check, but every year the scale kept tracking higher numbers.

Was it my stage of life? My stage of business? The stress of running a business? All of it?

When I looked around, I started noticing other business owners dealing with some of the same issues. The more their business grew, the more weight they gained.

After months of piling on the pounds and barely moving between coaching sessions, in November of 2020 I finally decided to do something about it.

This episode covers how I went from sedentary and uncomfortable in my body, to feeling healthier, stronger and more energized than I have in years.

I finally got to the point where I knew I needed to make the changes in my business and overall wellness and that’s what this episode is about. 

What I discovered was:

  • What was leading to my weight gain and energy loss
  • How business success was a part of the problem
  • What to do to release the weight, gain the energy and design my business in a way that serves me and my life best

This episode breaks it all down.

If you're finding yourself in midlife, running a business and not feeling your absolute best – I hope you'll tune in.

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Stay the course!


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