Episode 41

Marriage and Entrepreneurship a Conversation with Denise Fitzpatrick

February 10, 2023

Marriage and Entrepreneurship a Conversation with Denise Fitzpatrick

Today we’re talking about marriage, entrepreneurship, and the various complexities of being an entrepreneur and being married.

My guest today is Marriage and Relationship Coach, Denise Fitzpatrick.

As an experienced therapist who started her own therapy practice and then transitioned to having a coaching business, Denise not only knows what it’s like to be a married business owner but she offers a unique perspective on marriage and entrepreneurship.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What we’ve navigated on the entrepreneurial journey as business owners, wives and moms and some of the surprises we’ve faced.
  • How we started growing our business and what still works today.
  • Some of the challenges many women business owners face when growing a business while in a relationship.
  • Some of the issues that come up when both partners run a business, when one works from home and one doesn’t and so much more.

Denise shares the #1 thing that helps partners have an even better relationship and how it can create a stronger marriage.

And the one thing we must do as women business owners that supports having a more incredible marriage and relationship.

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