Take a 120 mile commute, mix it with boredom and a desire to work for oneself and you find a corporate woman who took her skills and started her own business.

I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing Karen Taylor of VirtuallyOnDemand.net who started her on business as a Virtual Administrative Expert.  Karen researched, planned and took the leap from corporate to her own business.

Now she’s got clients, a business she loves and the confidence that she’s doing it right in order to create a successful and sustainable business.

In this interview you’ll hear me speak with Karen about what she did to take the steps to exit her job and how she continues to steadily and swiftly build her business.

You’ll hear:

1. What you need to have in order to leave your job.

2. How to better plan out your business while you’re still on the job

3.  Which one shift you need to make in order to transition from employee to entrepreneur


Find Karen at http://VirtuallyOnDemand.net

Download and listen to the interview below:

Interview with Karen Taylor-Virtually On Demand


 Your Turn:

Now I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, are you trying to figure out how to leave your job and start your business? What do you need to have in place to make that happen? Feel free to share your comments below.

P.S. Karen makes a great offer, so take a listen right away!