Things happen in our lives and business every day. Most of those moments pass so quickly that we gloss over them and completely dismiss them.

But what if you took a few minutes at the end of every day to think about what happened, collect those moments and see how you might use those moments in your business.

Let’s start with client success stories.

First let’s take a look at why you need to share them in your marketing. 

If you think it’s simply for your potential clients to see how great you are, think again.

Sharing your client success stories is about helping your future clients see themselves in the success of your clients.

How do you do that without looking like you’re bragging?

You share stories about your client successes and how they may relate to your potential clients current problems.

Here’s an example of how I do it.

Take one of my Scale to Six Mastermind Clients.

She’s a coach who’s been steadily growing her business. She’s attracting her ideal clients and making a nice income.

She’s no longer in the stage of trying to discover her ideal client, she’s now in the stage of trying to ramp up her income and consistently make $8,000+ per month.

In order for her to reach her next income level, I knew it was time for her to modify her coaching programs. So we decided to have her focus on getting more clients into her high-ticket coaching program where she’d be able to serve them at the highest level while also creating more predictable income in her business.

Here’s what she posted in the Scale to Six Mastermind Facebook group the other day:







This is a huge milestone for her. This means that she’s not only able to create something her clients want, but she created something that allows her to make more money consistently every month.

On top of that – she’s now proven that she can sell something that’s a higher price point.

Now from my end, I knew she was working on this and now I get to celebrate her success and tell her story.

So every time a private or mastermind client has a success or breakthrough I screenshot it and put it in my memory bank of stories. I also do the same for when my clients are going through a rough time in an area of my business.

How can you start doing this in your business? Start a bank of stories that you can share (with permission of course), so your potential clients can see themselves in other’s success.

Let me know below, is this something you can see doing in your business?

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