One of my readers wrote me recently that she’s trying to grow her business and knows what to do but isn’t taking action. Even in the moments she can be working on her business she’s procrastinating. If you’re in the same shoes, and let’s be honest..who hasn’t put off what they know they should be doing? This article may shed some light on how to kick procrastination to the curb and get more done.
Procrastination simply means that you’re putting something off that might be challenging or daunting. Even when you think you know what to do it’s often that there may be even one element that you don’t or that stops your progress every time. I usually see it in myself and or clients when something is either too complicated, the skill hasn’t been learned yet or you’re just not ready for the next stage of growing your business.
To overcome inaction you need to take some sort of action. Whether you realize it or not your inaction is an action and it’s a sign that you need to shake things up. I’ll use myself as an example and something I’ve struggled with repeatedly. I write a weekly ezine and because my skills didn’t include too much of the techie behind the scenes operations to run a business learning how to work in wordpress, aweber (my ezine service) and figure out HTML was overwhelming. As much as I thought I knew what to do when it came down to it there were pieces that I can to learn if I was going to get online and start a business. Now having been an employee for a long time I didn’t know the first thing about all of these areas because my job didn’t entail any type of IT work. But growing my business and helping others was important to me so I had to learn each program or skill one by one. Until I became confident of my ability I continued to put the task of blogging and writing a newsletter off until the last minute every week. But I fought through it because it was truly important for me to have a way of expressing myself and having a way to engage with my prospects. In essence there was a need for me to overcome this challenge.
Now I’m proficient. Do I love the entire process? No, it’s not my strength but I’ve figured out enough and then when it was time to outsource this was one of the things I sought help with first.
The lesson is that you will always hit certain road blocks that may block your progress.  Whether it’s lack of knowledge, overwhelm or just some stumbling block you want to identify what your block is and why you’re putting things offIdentify it first, seek solutions and then tackle the next thing that comes your way. This way you’ll keep growing your business and move swiftly to the next important money generating task at hand.
Now, if your reason for procrastination seems to have anything to do with overwhelm and or  lack of know-how when it comes to building your business or fitting it around your busy life and demands then you won’t want to miss my upcoming call.
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What’s been stopping you from making progress in your business? Feel free to share in the comments below.