ID-10094411Don’t you just love spring time when you get to shed winter clothes, put screens on your windows and air out the house to let the fresh air penetrate your home?

Every year we long for the first nice spring day to clean and organize our home and yard.

Just like a home a business needs the same TLC in order to function well and continue to grow.

The easiest way to spring clean your business is to organize it from the inside out.

I have a 2 step system that works like a charm.

Here’s my Spring Cleaning 2 Step System

Step 1: Declutter Your Work Space and Email

At least once a year (preferably every season) go through your business as if you were about to have a yard sale.

You’ll want to do this with your physical and virtual space.

Go through books, manuals, materials and equipment and decide what you want to keep, throw out or replace.

Whatever’s left organize or find a place to keep them so they’re easily accessible.

Next do the same with your inbox.

Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer read. Create filters and folders for what’s left and delete emails that you no longer need.

The less to deal with the easier it becomes to manage your business.

Step 2: Create Systems (or Freshen Up the Ones You Have)

Once you’ve decluttered your business space and emails determine what you can systematize.

Areas of your business that should have a system are your marketing, newsletter, finances, client management, customer service and launches.

Basically anything that you do over and over again has a system.

If you don’t currently have an assistant and are doing everything yourself then now is the perfect time to write out the systems you’ve created for every task that you do in your business.

Once you’ve written out the steps to each task you perform then keep them in a virtual file and or physical manual.

I like to create checklists in word documents and use a 3-ring binder to organize all of the systems for my business. This way when I repeat a task I can refer to my binder where my process is written out.

Everyone works differently but the point is that you want to take the time to organize your business so that you can be as efficient as possible.

Do you think your business is running as efficiently as it should be? Where do you think you need to make improvements? What are some recommendations you have when it comes to keeping your business well organized?


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Jeannie Spiro

Jeannie Spiro is a Speaking Strategist, Sales & Business Coach specializing in helping her clients speak their way to more clients through signature talks, webinars, workshops and online courses. She lives outside Newport, Rhode Island with her husband, kids (when they’re not in college) and their perfectly imperfect dog, Posey. When not enjoying life in Rhode Island, she and her family enjoy spending time on the beaches of Cape Cod, St. John, Block Island and Florida and the ski slopes of Canada and New Hampshire.
Jeannie Spiro
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