How to Showcase Yourself as a Speaker and Get More Gigs

Are you wanting to secure more speaking engagements this year? Wondering how you can be the sought after speaker that everyone wants to hear?

In this week's video you'll discover several simple ways to help you become the “in demand” speaker you'd like to be.

Another way to showcase yourself as a speaker is to create your Speaker One Sheet. Click here to find out this video post and sample of one of mine to find out how to create your own.

Are you getting enough speaking gigs? What's been your biggest challenge with finding or securing enough places to speak?

If speaking is part of your strategy to attract and convert more clients, make sure to check out Client Converting Talks, my 5 step speaking system to attract and convert more clients. Click here to learn more. 

Disclaimer: Make sure that when photos and videos are taken at your speaking engagements that you have the consent of your audience. I recommend a Photo and Video Release form is completed by event attendees.

8 thoughts on “How to Showcase Yourself as a Speaker and Get More Gigs”

  1. Sherry VanAntwerp

    I love the whole idea of “in action” photos for speaking and just branding in general. Time to get some new shots for myself!

  2. I am in the process of becoming a Motivational and Transformational Speaker and Workshop leader.
    I am also writing a book called The First Law of Freedom subtitle Response- Ability. Here are links to two websites I is mine and the other I am an advisor for. My signature talk is about a man the Thrived in a Nazi Death Camp, The Greater Story Never Told. Namaste! Art Drentlau

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