How to Repurpose Your 1:1 Work and Turn It Into an Online Program

If you’re working with clients 1:1 and starting to see a system that you follow that gets results then it’s time to look at how you can make more money by working with more people.

Most people think the solution is to get more clients but when you only have so many hours in the day you’re going to be limited.

Another way of doing it is to take what you most commonly do and teach and turn it into an online program, course or product. This can be your 1:1 work or the first step of what you do with your clients to get them results.

A better way is to take what you’ve already been doing and turn it into another revenue stream.

I did this with my program, Attract Your Client Quick Start Program. I realized I was teaching my private clients the same steps over and over again about how to attract client online. After a while I realized that I was moving through those teaching steps quickly and that they could be taught to more people.

So I set out to create a simple program that would incorporate all the basic steps I know my clients need in order to start getting clients – how to uncover your client, attract your client online, create your offers and sell them.

Once I consolidated the steps I decided to put them together into a format that would be easy to consume and download.

So I found a program delivery system using Wishlist Member to house the program and make it available to clients.

After that I decided that I would turn it into a revenue stream so I created a sales page and began marketing to it.

And voila – I had a new program that served to compliment my work and provided a leveraged income stream.

Assignment: How can you do this for your business? What’s the first most logical program you can create to offer to your clients as a bonus to the work you’ll be doing together and what would work as another income stream?

In the comments below I’d love to hear your questions about how to create products?

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2 thoughts on “How to Repurpose Your 1:1 Work and Turn It Into an Online Program”

  1. Eliane Sainte-Marie

    I can’t say enough positive about this. Jeannie’s been on me for months to create one. When I finally heeded her advice and created this program, my business took off in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Thank you for your clarity Jeannie!

    1. Eliane,
      I loved witnessing it just as much as you getting to reap the benefits of all your work.

      This is truly the way to more leveraged income and opportunities.


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