Everyone talks about how to build a mailing list, but what do you do to keep them once they arrive? In today’s video I’m sharing what you may doing that’s causing your subscribers to jump off your mailing list.

We all know how valuable a new lead is. In the case of Facebook Ads, you may even be paying $1.00-$10.00 or more for every lead. If you’re paying for your leads, we both know you don’t want to have them unsubscribe without buying.

No matter how hard you worked to gain a new subscriber, the point isn’t to have them jump off, it’s to hopefully get them to buy.

But buying from you will never happen if you don’t know how to handle your lead and it’s quite likely the reason your readers are unsubscribing has to do with how you’re approaching your nurture strategy. If you’re experiencing or want to prevent more unsubscribes, watch today’s video below:

Are you having a hard time getting your subscribers to stay on your mailing list? What do you think you need to improve to keep them from leaving? Also, I’d LOVE to hear, what other topics and questions do you have that you’d like me to cover in future videos? Let me know in the comments below.

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Jeannie Spiro
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Jeannie Spiro

Jeannie Spiro is a Speaking Strategist, Sales & Business Coach specializing in helping her clients speak their way to more clients through signature talks, webinars, workshops and online courses. She lives outside Newport, Rhode Island with her husband, kids (when they’re not in college) and their perfectly imperfect dog, Posey. When not enjoying life in Rhode Island, she and her family enjoy spending time on the beaches of Cape Cod, St. John, Block Island and Florida and the ski slopes of Canada and New Hampshire.
Jeannie Spiro
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  1. Jeannie, you said it best when you talked about the long game. For my price range, it’s all about the long game. I have to work really hard to always add value to all my communications, even when I am anxious to close on an upcoming seminar or Mastermind. If people are willing to pay the fees I charge, I have to play it carefully. There is no short cut, I have to learn more patience. Thanks for the value added tips!

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