How to Profit from Your Own One Day Workshop

February 4, 2016


If you’ve been wondering how you can suddenly bring in several new clients, then this is a strategy you won’t want to miss.

One Day Workshops are actually one of the easiest things you can do to attract new clients and bring in more business, yet most entrepreneurs won’t do them. Sure I get it, if you haven’t done it before it can seem very overwhelming.

That’s why today I’m going to break down some simple things you can do to host (and profit from one).

Step 1: Decide what you’re going to offer from your workshop. What is it you will be selling? Once you know that you’ll then be able to know who you want in your room.

Step 2: Look for locations where you can host your event. This doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. My one day workshops are in the same spot every time. A boutique like hotel that has a nice meeting room. It’s not overly expensive and because I keep returning, they are willing to negotiate the cost. Rooms can cost anywhere between $200-$1000, so be willing to find a nice location for a price you can handle.

Step 3: Gather your leads – those you want in the room. You should have a list of leads, people you know who can benefit from what you do and believe who would benefit from your offer. Make a list or better yet use a CRM tool like Less Annoying CRM* which is my go to resource for organizing my leads.

Step 4: Invite their friends: Ask everyone to bring a friend for free. This way you’ll introduce your work to others who may not know anything about you otherwise.

Step 5: Choose a topic: You will want to decide on your topic and then map out your schedule for the day. Typically I start my workshops at 9am and conclude at 5pm. Try to have 90 minute blocks and 15 minute breaks in between.

Step 6: Promote: Email your mailing list and invite them to attend (do it multiple times – plan early so you can send several mailers. Post on social media and let your virtual community know you’re hosting an event. Write a blog post and send that out too.

Step 8: Call your leads: Remember that list of leads? Now’s the time to call them. Ask them to come to your workshop and again bring a friend.

Step 9: Find places to speak: Create your Signature Talk and then over the course of several weeks prior to your event give your presentation. Invite attendees to come to your workshop.

Step 10: Host your workshop: On the day of your workshop focus on giving amazing value, great content and create a great experience for your attendees. Have music, maybe a VIP lunch. Create space for getting something done.

Step 11: Make your offer: This is where most workshop hosts struggle. It’s about asking for the sale but if you’ve done your work probably and create a talk that leads into an offer they won’t be able to resist, you’ll have a flood of attendees rushing to the back of the room. The secret to this happening is creating something you know your attendees really want.

Step 12: Post event: Write out a detailed list of all that worked and didn’t work. Then send a thank you to your attendees, whether they enrolled or not.

Let’s Hear from You: Okay, so now you have no excuse not to host a workshop. I’d love to hear what else you feel you need to know in order to host one. Go ahead, let me know in the comments below and I’m happy to help!

And if you need some help planning your One Day Workshop, let me know here and we’ll set up a time to chat about it. Schedule a complimentary Business Breakthrough Session here. 

*Note: Less Annoying CRM is an affiliate link which means I may receive compensation for recommending this service. I do only share links and resources for what I highly recommend.

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