How to Network Effectively and Not Be the One In the Room Everyone Runs From

Let's talk networking, the reason it's not working for you and what to do instead!

Now, I believe there's an effective and ineffective way to network but far too many entrepreneurs are going about it all the wrong way and that's why they're not getting any traction with it.

Many entrepreneurs go to networking events for the sole purpose of walking away with clients. The moment they walk into a room you can see it written all over their face…“I'm here to get clients!” 

Now I'm not one for aggressive sales tactics and because I've spent my life studying people, I know that this kind of energy and attitude only repels clients and isn't very effective when it comes to attracting them.

In this week's video I'm sharing how to network effectively so that you can spend your precious time using this marketing strategy. 

In this video you'll discover:

  • The two things you should be doing at your networking events to help you attract clients
  • The simple way to use networking to get more speaking opportunities
  • The #1 thing you need to do before you go to your next event

Check out this week's video below:

Now I'd love to hear what you think. What are your concerns when it comes to networking for your business? Where do you get tripped up when you network? Let me know below!

6 thoughts on “How to Network Effectively and Not Be the One In the Room Everyone Runs From”

    1. Thanks Art. I’d start by doing a search online to find out the various groups in your area. Then I’d do some research on each of them before going to a meeting. I typically will be a guest before I join a group. This way I can determine if I want to go back regularly.

  1. i love connection, collaboration over competition. i find networking events where i live on so un networking, more like the organisers self promotion and when I have asked what you suggest, building authentic heart connections with people there who have the i need to get clients here and you are in the way, very frustrating. I know if I am walking away feeling frustrated at the fear based undertones of lack and scarcity of people in the room, how can we make this a win win and grow each other? there must be others who feel that way too. what would you do in a situation where you have approached people including the organisers who don’t care about their members getting results just their own pockets and they are not interested? I paid a hefty sum and am feeling underwhelmed, how can we change this?

    1. Hi Sarah-Jane,
      That’s such a shame that you have that experience with networking events and organizers. It does make one not want to do it. I’m the same way. I love connection and collaboration and that’s the energy I bring to every networking event or conference.

      I do believe that there are organizations that foster those types of environments and relationships. They are hard to find but if you have relationships with other heart centered business owners I think you can work together to find opportunities where you can network.

      It does sound like you’re in a situation that isn’t great. I was in a group like that at one time too and decided that after giving it many months and not loving it, I would discontinue my membership. I did lose some money but in the end I was much happier with the networking events I learned to find after that.

  2. Great video Jeannie,
    I so agree with what you shared. I find it a challenge finding networking groups where I can speak and connect to my ideal clients. Im involved in a few but I’m still searching. I find where I live is a very different energy in regard to women entrepreneurs. Perhaps I haven’t found the right group to connect with

    1. Thank you Martha. I’m in a similar situation as I live in a rural area and networking has been rather hit or miss. So I made a decision a while ago to find groups that are in slightly larger cities that I could easily travel to. That’s helped a great deal and I always get speaking engagements when I go. It may take a little more travel than you may like but if you find a few that you can go to every quarter vs. every month you can still make great connections and then keep up with them virtually or by phone.

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