Sometimes I dream of the days when I worked in an office outside of my home.

In some ways that seemed a whole lot easier – I definitely didn’t have the laundry staring at me and the full dishwasher screaming at me to empty it.

Many of my clients feel the work from home struggle too and yet many of them have been learning my secrets to growing their business and making 6+ figures even when their office is in their home.

If you’re running your business from home and are striving for a new revenue goal – take a few minutes to discover some of the things that have helped me grow and run a multiple 6-figure coaching business.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What’s your biggest struggle with running your business from home? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. My biggest distraction is my loving husband who talks on the phone, decides to clean his side of our finished basement, interrupts my client Zoom calls and otherwise provides lots of distractions.
    Jeannie, please share who created your video. It’s very well done!

    • I can relate to all of that Mary. Andrew’s been tackling all sorts of home projects in his off season. We’ve finally found a way to handle both of us working from home. It definitely took time.

      Thanks for your comment about my video. I actually recorded it and edited it myself.

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