video-june6thEveryone says you’ve got to do them but if you’ve ever felt that you’d rather pull a band-aid off slowly than go to a networking event, then this video is a must-see for you.

We’ve all been there; the painful networking event that felt like a miserable first date and all you want to do is check out early and head home to plow through a pint of Haagen Daz. (Yes, I’ve actually done it too!)

But networking doesn’t have to be so terribly painful. In this week’s video I’m sharing 7 tips to help you make networking a productive and enjoyable use of your time!

Take a look at the video here to learn seven tips that will make you love networking!

After you’ve watch let me know how what you love and hate about networking. Watch the video here.


  1. Some good tips here! I have found that networking works especially well when it passes th e “dog park test,” i.e., can you explain what you do in just a few minutes while watching your dog play with someone else’s dog? Complex services are trickier.

    I’d also echo your point about online services. I find that people at live networking events frequently want to “meet for coffee,” even when we could accomplish everything in a five-minute call. I just made a rule that I won’t meet anyone until we’ve talked on the phone ahead of time to see what’s going on. I made this rule after someone invited me for coffee and then proceeded to a sales pitch for financial services.

    I would also agree with you about finding complementary services. For copywriting and online promotion, I tend to look for partners who are working with small business owners and new businesses.

    And yet another rule – I won’t go to a meeting if I have to dress up. T’hat’s just my rule.

    I found a nice supportive closed group in Center City and started going last fall; it’s taken about six months to break the ice. Some marketers say networking brings you fast clients, but that has not been my experience.

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