How to Keep Worrying About Your Business Under Control

September 1, 2017

Worry is my middle name. It’s fair to say it’s my thing.

I’m the kind that worries if she forgot to lock the car and the parent who worries when the kids are 20 minutes late.

It’s taken time to accept that worry is part of my make up and even longer to figure out how to deal with it.

It never occurred to me when I started my business how much there’d be to worry about. Maybe I was naive, maybe I was in denial, maybe I was in my own little fantasy world, but one thing is certain, I’m not the only entrepreneur who deals with worry on a regular basis in their business.

We have a lot to worry about as entrepreneurs and if we don’t learn how to manage our worry, we’ll not be able to do the work we’re meant to do.

It really came to light that I needed to get my worry under control when in 2015 I was planning my next live event. I went to bed worrying and woke up worrying.

Worry about the event, the details, the outcome…consumed my every thought.

Fortunately it turned out to be a wonderful and profitable event and looking back I wished I hadn’t spent four months worrying.

But I did and at the time I wasn’t sure how to do anything but worry.

We have a lot to worry about as entrepreneurs and individuals these days…

…the finances, the strategies, the clients, never mind what’s happening in the world.

We worry and we worry about everything.

We can’t help it – our business is our passion, right?

And we have big missions, big goals, big visions so we must not let worry keep us from accomplishing them.

So let’s not…

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s at the beginning stages of your business and worry about whether you’ll be profitable and successful (or any small or large thing. Or the entrepreneur who’s further along and still worry about the small and large decisions and actions you need to make and take to continue growing your business, see what I had to say about entrepreneurial worry in my video below:

Entrepreneurial worry is quite common, it all comes down to how you choose to deal with it.

Some of the ways I choose to deal with it are the following:

Get Support

If worry or anxiety is keeping you from getting out there and making the impact you want to make, you need to know that your work is necessary and important. Accept that you may need someone to support you with the things that are keeping you from getting out there. One of my support people is Nicole Lewis-Keeber. Not only is she a Therapist but an EFT practitioner and Mindset Expert. She’s helped me learn to how keep my worry in check, manage it and refocus my energy so I can do more of the work I’m here to do.

Trust Yourself and Have Faith In Your Decisions

It is very hard to trust that you’re making the right decisions and doing the right things. At some point you need to have faith that you are. Not every decision will be the right one. Take one of the events I hosted a few years ago, I didn’t trust my intuition and made some choices that caused significant stress and fear. You bet that the lessons I learned from that one experience helped me learn what to do and not do the next time.

The more you trust yourself and find mentors who can help you break down big decisions, the easier it is to release worry.

Stay In Action

For a long time I would go to sleep worrying about my business and wake up worrying about it. I’d worry about my clients, my revenue, the things I might say or do wrong. I worried about everything.

But along the way I made a decision to not let my worry keep me from staying in action. Each and every day no matter how stressed or worried I may feel, I get up, go to my office and work on actions that lead me to my bigger mission.

Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to work through your fears will be the key. I know it takes strength but if you know you’re here to make a bigger difference in this world, please continue to work on not letting worry consume you.

If you feel like you’re still not clear about your plan and how to make the impact you want, I’d love to have you join me at Client Conversion LIVE this November 9-10th in Providence, RI. I’ll teach you how to monetize your business and make the impact you’d like. To reserve your seat, go to Client Conversion LIVE! now.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Does worry keep you from making the impact you’d like? Is it keeping you from growing your business? How is worry stopping you? 

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