Now I’ve built a few pages since I’ve been in business and I can tell you there’s a right way and wrong way to create and promote one.
What people forget online is that marketing isn’t selling, it’s relating and engaging and then later selling. About 75% of the pages I’ve seen are not doing it right. They’re not set up properly and their owners aren’t engaging right either.
If you’re building a page for your business you want to start off on the right foot so that people will come back, listen to what you’re saying and start the beginning of a beautiful long term business relationship.
Do it wrong and your page is toast.

Now you’ve got a business and it’s time to set up a page or fix the one you have, if you’re looking to go about it the wrong way then go ahead and follow the the list below:

1. Don’t Use Your Name and Title for your page. That’s if you want people to NOT have a clue what you do and what you offer
2. Don’t use your photo in for the profile picture. Using a random picture or logo is a great way to not connect with your fans.
3. Don’t complete your profile entirely. Just leave it blank or incomplete. Who cares what you do and what you offer?
4. Don’t use the “About” section. Leave it blank and keep missing the prime real estate to promote yourself and services.
5. Don’t post. Just start your page and never go back.
6. Don’t keep track of your promotions. Just keep spamming your followers until they leave your page.
7. Don’t promote your page. Just hope and pray that people will find you by some miracle.
8. Don’t engage with your fans and followers. Just let them talk amongst themselves. They could care less what you have to say anyway.
9. Don’t use your page to comment on other people’s pages. Just keep yourself invisible, don’t switch it to comment on as your page. Your ideal clients may stumble upon you eventually.
10. Don’t have a landing page* to invite people to “Like” your page or take advantage of your complimentary offer.  Just keep trying to figure out why no one is joining your ezine/subscription list.


My Pet Peeves and Mistakes

These are quite obviously the things NOT to do when using your page for business. I’d like you to do the exact opposite to build your own brand and business.

Your Turn!

I bet you’ve seen great pages and not such great ones. How do you feel about yours? Want me to provide a quick critique? Just share your Facebook page in the comments below or head to my Facebook page and I’ll give you a pointer or two about how to create a better page that people will want to bookmark too!

Bonus Tip:

If you’re looking for more expert tips on how to create more visibility on your page check out this post by the Social Media Examiner: 4 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Visibility



    • Hey – both . . . and that there's oh so much out there to do — that's why I have different checklists for the 'moving' parts of being an online business person . . . it's amazing how taking the time to create systems and lists actually gives you MORE time to work ON your business vs. working IN the business!

  1. Oh My — Jeannie you are so RIGHT – and I had to giggle as I just helped three clients with that — creating a 'LIKE' offer tag and 'Product' tag, as well as connecting to Pinterest… thanks you for posting! As always GREAT insights! Cheers, P.

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