How to Grow a Booming Business with Your Best Friend with Virtually Focused Media

How to Grow a Booming Business with Your Best Friend with Virtually Focused Media

As two of my long-term clients in my Influencer Mastermind, Kelly Murphy and Melissa Burgio, best friends, roommates, and now owners of Virtually Focused Media, join me for a lively discussion about growing their business together after a long corporate career.

Owners of Virtually Focused Media, a full-service support agency specializing in working with OVERWHELMED coaching and client-based BOSSES looking to RISE in INFLUENCE in their industry, they decided to blend their brilliance and stop growing two separate businesses after realizing that they had something pretty magical that they could grow together.

These two wonderful women went from lean months and a lot of worry to thriving financially and being in the zone in all areas of their work.  

We cover many topics including:

  • Gaining business confidence after leaving the known for the unknown.
  • Leaving comfort and familiarity for a desire for more. 
  • Blending your talents and working with your friend.
  • How to find people to support your business.

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