How to Get More Yes’s From Your Sales Conversations

There’s no better feeling than having a sales conversation with an ideal client and closing them on the spot.

I used to think it was crazy that someone who I’d never met before would hire me after one conversation and when I asked around I found that many of my colleagues weren’t closing sales as frequently or easily as me.

So I began to look at what I was doing differently vs. my peers and I realized that I was pre-qualifying my leads really well so that when they arrived for a sales conversation they’d already done their homework about who I was and how I could help them.

Thus making the sale close much faster.

I’ve put together a brief video about how you can do pre-qualify your leads so that you can get more yes’s from your sales conversations. You’ll also learn how to set up your website to pre-qualify ideal clients so you have a much better success rate in closing your sales conversations.

Here's how to Pre-Qualify Leads So You Can Get More Yes's

1. Keywords: Make sure that your website clearly speaks to your ideal clients. Speak to their wants, worries and challenges so that they know you have the solutions to the challenges they have. Include keywords your ideal client might be searching for when looking for a solution to their problem. When your website is sprinkled with these words on each page it will not only help you get found online but when an ideal client reads your website they'll know you're speaking to them.

2. Contact Page: Make sure your contact page asks them to complete specific questions so you know if they are an ideal client to speak with. The more information you gather from them about their questions, struggles and goals the easier it is for you to know if they're an ideal client and if you can support them when you set up a strategy session to speak further.

The goal of pre-qualifying your leads is to help you know who you can do your best work with and who should become an ideal client.

When you do so you're more apt to close more sales conversations.

I’d love to hear from you, when it comes to your sales conversations how are you doing? Do you struggle in this area? Let me know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “How to Get More Yes’s From Your Sales Conversations”

  1. Jeannie!
    I love this advice and recently implemented portions of it. Someone recently said to me, “Oh, Star. I saw what I had to do to schedule an initial appointment with you and it looked like too much work.”
    EXACTLY! If you are not willing to do the initial “work”, then you are likely NOT my ideal client and that is OK.
    This pre-qualification process really works! THANKS for sharing!

    1. Thank you Star!
      I love that you brought that up – you’re right, if someone doesn’t want to invest the time upfront that’s a clear indication they’re not the right client to work with!

  2. Hi Jeannie,

    I also just implemented this in my business and love having this questionnaire! I know that the process of filling it out move my potential clients ahead. One of my favorite questions is ‘How committed are you to meeting your goal/achieving your vision’ because I think it really makes them think. In fact I had someone just this morning tell me that ‘it really got her!’ And I can see her moving from my intro program to my premium one as a result of it.

    Thank you for all your help, Jeannie. I love your videos!

    1. How wonderful that you implemented the prequalifying questionnaire and it’s helping you. It truly makes all the difference when you speak to them.

      The beauty of it is you can refine the questions as you get more clear about how you want to qualify your leads.

      Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos!

  3. No question about it Jeannie!

    The more time spent pre-qualifying potential prospects on the front will definitely eliminate those time wasting resource draining tire kickers on the back end!

    And thus you’re left with the most likely qualified potential customers and clients! Thanks for sharing your very sound advice!

    1. It’s all based on my experience and those of my clients who haven’t pre-qualified. I’m not a closing every lead just to make a sale but rather a high close ratio for leads who are. Since making some changes in my business I get to talk to more ideal clients which is wonderful for all.

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