How to Find Speaking Gigs

You've been told that speaking is a great strategy to attract more clients (I say it all the time!), but the only problem is that you have no idea how to find more places to speak.

In today's video I'm sharing with you some simple strategies to find speaking gigs.

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • The ONE thing you need to do before you start looking for speaking gigs
  • The best place to search for speaking gigs
  • My 3 step process for searching for speaking gigs (and how you can apply it to your business)
  • What to do when you can't easily find speaking engagements
  • What to do if you live in a remote location and want to find places to speak

Now it's your turn. Take a few moments to do a search and see what you find. Don't wait on this, the sooner you search for speaking gigs, the sooner you can get out and speak (and get more clients too!).

So what did you think of these tips? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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1 thought on “How to Find Speaking Gigs”

  1. Dear Jeannie, First of all thank you very much contacting me, secondly have fun in Italy.

    The question you pose has baffled me because I want to speak to everyone. I am in the process of becoming a Motivational and Transformational Speaker, Workshop leader and Universal Law Coach.

    My question is what would I Google?

    I am writing a book called The First Law of Freedom subtitled Responsibility it ties together a project I am an Advisor for and what I have listed above. The Project is advancing slowly and is not my prime focus. I have a website but it needs improvements. Here are the links to the two websites. The project has a compelling story of a man that survived a Death Camp, my story is about a man that Thrived in a Death Camp and how he did it. Thank you, I look forward to your response. Art Drentlau

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