With Facebook becoming one of the top social media channels for marketers, it’s no wonder it’s hard to stand out in a crowded newsfeed.

Have you noticed that some of your posts get better engagement than others?

It turns out that when you use image marketing along with short questions to probe reader’s to engage with you on Facebook then you’re more likely to have your future posts appear in fans newsfeeds.

In this week’s video I share with you a few tips to image marketing. Where to get a no cost image, the tool I use to jazz up the photo and how to install it on Facebook.

Take a look at the video here to how to use image marketing on Facebook!

After you’ve watch let me know your questions about Facebook marketing. What do you need more help with to market your business on Facebook? Watch the video here.


  1. Jeannie,
    Great video! Very helpful and useful information that is user-friendly. I am excited to do this on some of my Facebook posts. Thank you so much!

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