How to Close Your Business Year Strong

With 2012 coming to a close and the holiday season upon us we tend to shut down our business and think we don’t need to work again until January.

I’ll agree that the holiday weeks are often great times to take a well deserved break. With kids on vacation, holiday parties and the actual holidays—who really feels like working?

But what if you could wrap up the year strong? What if you didn’t close the doors on everything and found more money and clients? What if you ended on a financial high note and didn’t have to stress about the money come January 1st?

Here are some simple ways you can end the year strong in your business:

Here are 4 simple ways to end the year on a high note:
  • Hold a Sale– take a look at all of your products and services and decide what you might want to close out for the year. Promote it to your mailing list and social media channels. People love taking advantage of discounts on services and programs that they might not otherwise be able to afford.
  • Current Customer Discount – your current customers are your best clients because they’ve already bought from you. Show them you care by offering them a discount on your products and or services or ask them to renew their current services by year end to receive an even greater discount

• Find the Financial Leaks – have you been paying attention to what you’re spending in your business? Do you have a budget? Consider that you may be overspending and look for ways you can scale back. I recommend evaluating your business financials at least twice per year.
• Plan Your Financial Income Streams – now is the best time to plan for the coming year. Consider all of the ways you can generate money in your business in the coming year. What can you do that you haven't? What can you repurpose? Not only decide what you'll be offering but how much you'll be charging.

Assignment: Don’t let the year end without evaluating where you are currently spending money in your business and how you can make more in the coming year. Not sure where to start? Look at what you've done that's worked in the past. Repeat it! Take action on at least one of those ways as soon as possible. Whether you make $100 to $5000 it’s an exercise worth doing.

Your Turn: What can you do in your business to generate more money? Are you doing it? Let me know in the comments below which one you will take action on.


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