How to Build a Stand Out Brand for Your Business

Have you been growing your business for a while and you’re not seeing the growth you’d like? Then one thing to consider is to create a brand for your business.

When you think about it, every business has a brand.

Think of Coca-Cola and maybe the first thing that comes to mind are their colors, red and white.

Or Target and you think of their red and white bulls eye logo and the Bull Terrier mascot.

What should come to mind in both cases are images and feelings about both.

When you know a businesses brand, what they’re known for, what their mission or message is and what they represent, you know whether you want to buy from them or not.

The more a brand is recognizable and memorable, the more likely a customer will consider the company when they’re ready to buy.

And that’s just what you want for your business. You wants your potential clients, future customers and existing clients to know your brand.

In this week’s video I’ve put together some of my favorite tips to help you with establishing your brand (and how to do it if you’re on a DIY budget).

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • What is your brand
  • Why you need to stand out
  • How to get started building your brand
  • How to create brand cohesiveness
  • Branding resources to help you grow your business

Click below to watch the video:

When it comes to building your brand. Keep these three things in mind:

  1. Make sure your brand is woven through all of your marketing materials including your social media platforms
  2. Make sure you create consistency – remember, your goal is to become recognizable and memorable to help your potential client gain trust before they buy
  3. Your brand should be a true representation of who you and your business are

Now I’d LOVE to hear from you. After watching this video, do you see how there are some things you can do to create better brand awareness for your potential clients?

What’s ONE thing you could do right now to uplevel your brand? Let me know know the comments below, I’d love to hear what you’re going to commit to doing to help your business stand out.

8 thoughts on “How to Build a Stand Out Brand for Your Business”

  1. Jeannie, nice job! Great ideas. I’m glad I stuck to my “brand” which is more corporate than casual, because that is who I am. My brand also helps me attract the right client base as well.

  2. GREAT training and very timely! I’m going back to basics and figuring out my vision, mission, purpose, ideal client, superpower, niche etc. Once that’s in place, I will definitely be pulling together a more cohesive brand! BTW – can you share what platform you used to create this training video and to create your video intro and outro? Also, any tips on making the most from your photography session? I totally need new photos but the photographers here are CRAZY expensive!! It’s like hiring someone to shoot a wedding. I would love to know what the MUST HAVE shots are to maximize a photo shoot. So if you have any resources in that area, that would be much appreciated. Thank you again!!

    1. Thanks Ramona! I’ve used Screencastomatic and Screenflow (not at the same time)to record. The intro and outros are done with video editing programs.For photos you really want to start looking at people online and see what types of images you like. I’m a big fan of the person standing to the left or right so you can use them for FB Ads now. But make a list and give them to a photographer and they’ll develop a feel of what you’re looking for.

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