How to Beef Up Your Services With Juicy Bonuses

September 4, 2014

It used to be that selling your 1:1 services by the hour was enough but it’s truly not the case anymore.

Now a-days the best way to sell your services is to create bundles or packages.

Which are essentially your 1:1 work coupled with additional features that make working with you even more desirable.

From one service-based business owner to another, this is the very thing I have found that’s created the fastest revenue boost in my business.

When I made the shift from offering a 2-hour consultation to packaging my services my sales conversations closed easier and I made more money in my business.

Frequently I see business owners struggling to figure out how to make their offerings, services or packages more enticing to their ideal clients.

If you’re feeling like your services need a boost then check out these two things you can do to enhance them right now:

  1. What will enhance the service you provide?

I’m sure you’ve been overthinking this and are not sure what will enhance your 1:1 service but this is a simple fix.

Ask yourself what do you currently have that can support the service I provide?

Take for example one of my clients, Lisa. Lisa was offering 1:1 services and charging by the hour. She felt she met her max as to what she could charge based on what the industry threshold was.

Lisa’s a Divorce Coach and up until the time we started working together was charging per hour.

I asked her to look at what else she could provide to enhance the experience her clients would have while working with her.

After thinking on it she came back with four things that she already had in her arsenal that would work. All things she’d created that she never considered including as a bonus to her work.

Action: Do this in your business now. What do you have that you’ve already created that can enhance your 1:1 work?

  1. What will help them get a faster result?

For years I was working with clients 1:1 teaching the same basic things about how to grow a service based business online. I was teaching the same steps over and over again.

One day I realized that I was becoming a broken record in my head and I wanted to use my coaching sessions to help people get the custom support they were paying me for.

So I took the questions I was getting about how to attract more clients and turned it into my signature and core program, Attract Your Clients Quick Start Program.

Now whenever I start working with a new client I automatically provide them with the program as a bonus.

This not only helps the client use the program for self-study but allows us to accomplish more and cover exactly what they need on each private call.

Action: Identify what clients ask you over and over again and see if there is a product, course or system that you can create to use as a separate product to sell and as a bonus.

When designing your services think about what your clients want. Maybe you’re a productivity expert and you can provide a planner that will help them organize their schedule better.

Or maybe you’re a Virtual Assistant and you want to provide a higher end service that includes the opportunity for your clients to get weekly phone check ins to review upcoming projects and help them streamline their systems.

Bonuses don’t have to be physical products, they can be additional features that add more value to the work you provide.

So right now, this moment…go take a look at your services and see how you can make them more juicy!

In the comments below let me know, what are your questions about creating bonuses to enhance your services? What other suggestions do you have to make your services more juicy?

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