How Many Service Offerings Does It Take to Reach 6-Figures?

Have you been scratching your head as to how you’re going to turn your services into a 6-figure business?

You’re not alone.

Many coaches are tirelessly punching their calculators and racking their brains to figure out how to create a 6-figure business.

We tend to think that it’s going to take MORE programs and services, so then we get to work creating them.

But what happens?

Instead of focusing on creating and selling one offer, we spend our time trying to create and sell many offers.

Here’s the secret to reaching 6-figures as a coach or service based business owner…

Sell ONE offer.

And it’s as simple as this…

  1. Create ONE highly desirable offer
  2. Find people who want it
  3. Get great at selling it

Here’s what I mean…

When I realized that I only needed ONE primary offer to serve my clients, I went about figuring out how to make it the most amazing coaching program I could make it.

At first I designed what I wanted to offer.

But when that didn’t fly off the shelves, I went about asking what my ideal clients wanted.

Then I blended the two together so it would become highly desirable.

Then I found my ideal clients by determining who I most wanted to serve and needed this type of support.

Then I created a sales funnel system to sell it.

That program was originally my group coaching program – now it’s my Mastermind.

It’s had multiple updates and tweaks to make it just right, and I’m not done.

I’m always working to make sure I can provide the most supportive program to help my clients design a profitable business that feeds their soul.

The first time I offered that program it was a 6-month program that I offered for $2,997. But I soon realized that to create better results for my clients, it needed to be a 12-month program which I sold for $8,000.

Both times I had success selling it.

But with the second iteration I had even more success – and guess what? It helped me achieve 6-figures.

See what I’m telling you?

You don’t need a complicated business model with a full suite of products and services to achieve 6-figures…(you can have that if you want), by why not focus on creating one program and get great at selling that first?

So what do you say? Are you making getting to 6-figures more complicated than it needs to be? What’s your BIGGEST takeaway from this post? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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