How I filled my new mastermind program from my live event

October 13, 2016

I’m still pinching myself after hosting Talk & Profit LIVE! last week. Next to my wedding, it was by far the best event I’ve hosted to date. (If you weren’t there and want to get a behind the scenes peek, type in #talkandprofit on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you’ll see the pictures, ah-has and people who joined me for this transformative event.

Over the last few weeks leading up to the event I was feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed about hosting it. As you can imagine, there’s a lot that goes into hosting an event. But the moment I stepped on to my super cool living room like stage (thanks to Greycork) and looked out into the audience, I knew it was going to be worth every second of stress, sweat and tears (yes – I had those too!).

It was three full days of building signature talks, learning how to close when you speak, getting more sales conversations (and closing those too) and building a business and marketing plan designed around a lifestyle business.

As the host I witnessed one ah-ha and transformation after another and was blown away by the connections and new friendships that were made. It was absolutely thrilling to watch.From the wonderful speakers, sponsors and panel of experts. Donna Ashton, Patsy Culp, Suzanne Tregenza-Moore, Angela Hubbs, Katie Mazzocco, Laura Clark and Nicole Lewis-Keeber, I made it a mission to give my guests an event they’d never forget that would help transform their business.

Then there was the cocktail party at The Hatch Entrepreneurial Center with tasty nibbles provided Easy Entertaining, Prosecco provided by Chloe Wine, served by At Your Service Bartending and beautiful and delicious macaroons from Ellie’s Bakery.

And the stunning materials designed my Amy CQ of HUGEish printed by the ever generous Barrington Printing.And the overall event experience created through my vision and the genius of my Event & Experience Stylist Patsy Culp of AndCelebrate.

Every single day I felt I could kick back, relax, (even enjoy a Pizza & Pajama Party with my clients and guests) and just give and give and give from the heart to show everyone how to transform their business.

But one of my favorite moments was watching my beautiful clients from my Expansion Coaching Club gather for this photo to celebrate their growth and connection this past year all while stepping into another year in the nest and the tribe they love as they join me and their new community in my brand new Revenue Makers Mastermind(TM).

So when it came time to introduce my new 12 month Revenue Makers Mastermind(TM) program designed to help entrepreneurs create a profitable lifestyle business, I was overjoyed to welcome a wonderful group of women who I will have to genuine pleasure of helping transform their business over the next year.

And today, as I sit here excited about the year ahead, I’m grateful for this opportunity to change the lives and businesses of powerful women who are here on this earth to create change for others.

And although I filled my Revenue Makers Mastermind(TM) and Revenue Makers Mastery Program(TM) at the event, I’ve decided that I’d like to give the opportunity for just two more women to join us in the mastermind this coming year.

So if you’re:

  • A coach or consultant who is tired of not getting clients consistently and have constant ups and downs with your income
  • Ready to share your message and want a way to attract clients with ease
  • Want to start speaking (or improve what you’re doing) and create a signature talk that attracts clients via live speaking gigs and or webinars
  • Thinking about hosting workshops and events and want to learn how to use them as a strategy to fill your services
  • Wanting to create a business that has a steady and constant flow of your most ideal clients
  • Wanting a lifestyle business designed around your highest priorities
  • Wanting to be a part of a community of supportive like minded entrepreneurs
  • Wanting to work with me 1:1

Then I invite you to have a conversation with me about The Revenue Makers Mastermind(TM). To learn more about this 12 month mastermind program simply click the link here. And to find out if this is the right marketing, revenue generating and business development program for you, click here to schedule a complimentary conversation with me. 

I’ll be sharing more details and supportive workshop and business building strategies in the coming blog posts, so keep your eye out for more.

I’d love to hear from you. What do you LOVE about attending events? Have you been considering hosting your own workshop or event? Let me know in the comments below your questions about what it takes to fill, host and sell from an event!

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