From Writer to Transformational Speaker and Workshop Leader

In 2016 I hosted a live event teaching how to use speaking to attract more clients and grow your business. As my guests were introducing themselves, one guest stood up and said, “I’m a writer – I was curious about this event but I’m not sure that I’ll be doing much if any speaking”. 

Fast forward to today and that guest has become one of my stand out clients, Bryna Haynes.

Today I’d like to talk about what’s possible when you shift your perspective and step into your calling in your business.

When Bryna and I first started working together she wanted support with helping her grow her writing business. She was newly pregnant with her second daughter and wanting to expand her business online.

Bryna had tremendous success that next year and had her first 6-figure year in business (even after taking a bit of time for maternity leave).

But Bryna knew something was missing.

As we started our next year together she told me that she was experiencing an internal shift and knew that there was more to her work than editing, writing and helping others write their books.

It was clear that she didn’t want to focus only one what she’d been doing – what wasn’t clear was what was next.

The discomfort she felt was palpable and the questions she asked me and herself felt awkward and uncomfortable…

“Why is this happening?”

“Why am I being called to do something different?”

“Why now?”

“What is it I’m being called to do?”

But she sat with it, explored it and allowed the discomfort to be present so that she could make space for the shift she knew she needed to make.

After giving in to accepting that this shift would be happening – she waited.

Waited for signs. Waited for ideas. Waited for her message.

And while all of that was happening she continued working with her editing and writing clients and kept her existing business healthy and strong.

When her message and purpose unfolded – she didn’t fight it, instead she embraced it and saw exactly how to bring her ideas and message into the world.

The answer – start speaking – and share her message loud and clear so all could here.

Everything started for fall into place. Her path became clear and she knew it was time to shine.

Opportunities began appearing from every direction – interviews, podcasts, speaking gigs and workshops.

And when she attended my Workshop Intensive – the idea of hosting her first 3-day live event appeared.

The discomfort she once felt started going away and everything started to fall into place

This week I watched as Bryna shared her message with a room full of 80 women leaders. She shared about abundance, the secret to it, how to manifest it and what’s preventing us from having it and not only monetary abundance, but abundance in all areas of our lives.

As I was scanning my body, mind, business and life for areas where I felt a lack of abundance – a feeling of comfort came over me when I looked up at my clients (past and present) who were in the room with me and had a knowing that I was helping each of them, including Bryna create the transformational ripple they’re being called to bring forth.

We have a choice to run from our calling or embrace it. It’s when we surrender to our purpose and allow it to guide us that our lives can be filled with the abundance we desire – in love, connection, freedom, money and more.

So if you’re feeling that something’s out of alignment in your business or feeling a calling to do something more or different within it – give yourself some time and space to explore that and uncover what’s percolating beneath the surface.

Then once you have more clarity, get into action and then start seeking opportunities where you can share your message.

The fastest and easiest way to grow your business and make a bigger difference doing what you do is to start speaking. You’ll not only share your message, but you’ll be able to help others create outcomes they desire too.

And if you’re already clear about your message, your work and your impact – I hope you’re out there speaking now!

If you’d like to learn more about Bryna, her work and her upcoming event check her out at Choose Your Evolution.

Want to create a Signature Talk that moves the room and opens the flood gates to more clients? Tell me below, what questions do you have about developing your impactful and persuasive talk?


  1. I have felt like I needed to do this for some time, and I have parts of my talk in place, but it’s not very long. Part of me is cautious though as I’m still a relatively new coach and don’t want to come across too strong or not be believable. I’m also not sure how long my talk should be or where I should be giving it. Locally or on-line?

    • Hi Suzanne,
      One thing to keep in mind is that you’re an expert on your topic and that’s what listeners will appreciate. Talks can vary in length depending on how much time you’re provided to speak. What’s most important is that it’s impactful and once you know that components of an impactful talk then you can deliver it effectively no matter the length of time you have to speak. Regarding speaking locally or online, it depends on where you can find your audience. Are you mainly attracting clients online?

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